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Customized eyelash packaging boxes

Custom lash boxes


At Vichy lashes we have many types of luxury mink  Eyelash Packaging box Designs. We have the acrylic boxes, square boxes, diamond boxes, to mention just a few, all that can be customized with  a private label. These are some of the customized boxes we have made for our customers.

eyelash packaging design


custom lash boxes

false eyelash packaging

custom lash packaging

custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale

For our acrylic boxes, we have the round and the rectangle boxes, which can be customized by printing or by logo sticker.

private label cosmetics

private label manufacturers

We also have the marble pattern eyelash packing, which is among our best selling eyelash packaging boxes. The mable design comes in various colors, which you can choose from.

private label eyelash packaging

mink lashes packaging

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If you would want us to customized your eyelash box for your company,

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