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Why More And More People Choose Mink Eyelashes Strip?

1 What are Mink Lashes Strips ?


The Mink Lash Strips are the lashes that are made by mink furs, soft, fluffy, and gorgeous appearance.

And the 3D Mink Lashes are very popular Strips in the market, they can match your eye very well, vivid and mix with your own eyelash .

If are a professional Lashes Vendors, Custom Eyelash Boxes Vendors ,you must supply Best Real Mink Strip Lashes to your customers, and if you are an eye make-up artist, you can’t miss 3D Mink Lash strips too.

And today, Vichy Lashes will lead you to know the Real Mink Strip Lashes.


  • Mink Eyelashes, Mink eyelashes is the most common among celebrities. Minks are known for best achieving natural-look, because they are made from real hair. This type of eyelashes is suitable for those who are looking for natural, light yet luscious look. In additional, mink eyelashes are very thin. As a result, they tend to last longer because they will not weigh down your natural eyelashes.
  • Faux Mink Eyelashes,Faux mink eyelashes are similar to mink eyelashes, just that they are synthetic. This type of eyelashes is ideal for those who want to achieve natural look, similar to mink eyelashes, but at a lower cost. It is also suitable for those who do not want to use real hair. An advantage of this type of mink is that they will not lose their curl effect even when they get wet
  • Sable Eyelashes,Sable eyelashes are made from the fur of the Sable (a forest animal found in Russia and Siberia). Sable eyelashes are highly similar to that of mink eyelashes, except the fact that sable eyelashes are the thinnest lashes of all types. This is ideal for those who really appreciate naturally thin lashes and do not like thicker options. Sable eyelashes will not weight down your natural eyelashes and can create a wispy look.
  • Silk Eyelashes,Silk eyelash is a combination between mink and synthetic, in terms of natural look and thickness of the lashes. This type is special because they tend to be thicker at the bottom and gradually become thinner towards the end, giving you a fuller appearance of the lash line. Your eyelashes will look darker, fuller, and glossier. This type of eyelash is ideal for those who do not want to use real fur.
  • Synthetic Eyelashes,Synthetic lashes are for those who are looking for a bold, glamorous look. No real fur will be used for this type of eyelash extension. As a result, it will be significantly cheaper. After the synthetic eyelash extension, there won’t be any need for mascara and other touch-ups, any longer!


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