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Why I’ve always wanted to start my own mink lash company


Cuz I hate the 9-5.

Tired of other people running my life.

But also cuz I wanna be the first girl in the family who “made it.”

So I can give back to my mom who did so much.

So like..

I saw Vichy Lashes on IG back when I was super broke.

Lots of make-up artists were using Vichy Lashes for clients.

I asked for their wholesale prices.

They didn’t have a program back then.

Yet, they still helped me and quoted me $160 for 20 pairs with Custom Eyelash Packaging 

I immediately said yes cuz..

When you do the math..

If I just sold one pair for $15, I would have profited $140 for those 20 pairs.

A month later..

I’m ordering 100 pairs a month!

(That means $800 profit every month)

I thought that if these are the same lashes make-up artists are using, then they’re obviously easier to sell.

I don’t make millions.

But it’s a lot better than having a boss on me.

And trust me..

When you have the same quality lashes that makeup artists use to make recurring customers..

Then YOUR customers will keep coming back!

So if you’re still in your endless search for the perfect eyelash vendor..

I’d be the first to say go with Vichy Lashes for that extra cash!


Vichy Lashes Review

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