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Why Do Many Customers Tell Me That They Will No Longer Consider Other Suppliers When They Buy High-quality Eyelashes Of Our Brand?

What are the advantages of Vichy eyelashes?

Among many wholesalers of mink eyelashes, Vichy Lashes has absolute advantages, because Vichy Lashes has been in eyelash business for many years, so compared with other eyelash suppliers, they know how to attract more

customers to place orders.But our advantages are still very much, can be analyzed as follows:

⇒ Our eyelashes are all 3D mink lashes,3D mink lashes are zero cruelty and pure natural, and 3D mink lashes are soft and fluffy, you can feel it is very natural and comfortable when you wear 3D mink lashes, plus the eyelashes

are very curly and warped, the effect of wearing 3D mink lashes is very good.

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⇒Vichy Lshes besides material is high quality, its use of time is very long, also can be used for up to 20 to 30 times, and its reducibility is very strong, if you use hand rub eyelashes at random, the final finishing, will restore the

original shape, not like some eyelashes rub after wrinkled, it may not be able to recover.


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⇒Recently, some customers will give us a response or put forward some Suggestions, think the price of 25 mm mink lashes is on the high side, so we recently launched a new 25 mm mink lashes, and are also adjusted in terms

of price, this is the eyelash of the DL series,its length is no shorter than the original DH series eyelashes,and the price is affordable, believe that its new sales to 25 mm mink lashes is very good!



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⇒Whatever the series which the length of the eyelash eyelash or, we have been continuously design more new style of eyelash, make more customers have more choices, rather than only a few style, market and customer

demand is constantly changing, so to keep up with rhythm, must have to design new style, constant progress, constantly innovation, this is also our Vichy eyelash has a huge advantage.


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The eyelash supplier of our brand has delivered 30 pieces to the United States every day

We are also very busy in logistics. The express mail we send to the United States every day has far exceeded 30, and we also have a lot of orders waiting to be processed every day, so we need to send a lot of express

mail,because eyelashes are sold so well, and the customer group is also very large!


Wholesale custom eyelash packaging box start my own eyelash brand

We are 3D mink lashes wholesaler also wholesale custom packaging boxes, also have their own independent style of eyelash, also have their own brand of eyelash packaging alone, can provide you with a variety of services,

not just provide packing box, you can also customize packing box, or printing LOGO, if you to start your own business or eyelash brand has an own eyelash are interested, can contact us, we can give you the best service!


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If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows:


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