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Why Did Choose Vichy Lashes As Eyelash vendors ?

Vichy Lashes- The best of the eyelash vendors

Vichy eyelashes is the largest eyelash vendors in China. The supply of eyelashes is very large, especially in the European and American markets. The exported eyelashes are very popular in the European and American markets, attracting a large number of European and American customers to order eyelashes with different styles and different characteristics.Some eyelashes became hot style to cause demand exceeds supply, be out of stock for a time.For example, like DM series eyelashes, DM01, DM02 and so on.

Vichy Lashes-How to do your own mink lashes?

. Vichy has its own production factory for eyelashes, which saves a lot of time without having to find other manufacturers to produce eyelashes for them.

.Vichy eyelashes is our independent brand, can make according to customer demand to make customers feel very satisfied with the eyelash style.

.Vichy eyelashes are available in a wide variety of styles and are handmade, high-quality and durable. 

.Vichy eyelashes can keep up with the market trend, according to the sale of different styles of eyelashes, to launch several hot eyelashes, so as to increase the demand of customers.

.The main supply objects of Vichy eyelashes are European and American customers, and the main market is the European and American market.

.Vichy lashes mainly include,20mm mink lashes, 22mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes.

Vichy Lashes-Starting my own eyelash extension business

⇒3D Mink Lashes:3D mink lash strips

Among the many different types of eyelashes, the 3D series is one of the earliest styles on the market.Although the eyelashes of the 3D series have been sold for many years, many European and American customers still come to order the eyelash products of the 3D series in the current European and American market, and the eyelash products of the 3D series are still popular.


⇒20mm Mink Lashes:20mm eyelash strips

With the development of economy, The Times are changing constantly, and the clients’ pursuit of fashion style is also changing constantly.For example, the change of eyelash demand, although the 3D series of eyelashes is still very popular, but the customer’s demand for eyelashes is no longer the same as before as long as one type of eyelashes, but need more different types of eyelashes, so, must innovate.Therefore, the ashes of 20mm mink lashes appeared, and many customers were also ordering lashes of this style, and they became hot style in the European and American markets.



⇒22mm Mink Lashes:22mm mink lashes vendor

In addition to the two styles mentioned above, there is also the latest one, which is 22mm mink eyelashes.This kind of eyelash also comes out unceasingly, because the client’s demand is each different, also can see from the client’s demand what style eyelash is a bit more, the client is more interested in what style eyelash, carry on production processing to eyelash thereby, appeared 22mm mink eyelash this one kind of design.


⇒25mm Mink Lashes:25mm Siberian mink lashes wholesale

The 25mm mink eyelash is the longest eyelash among all eyelashes, but it is also a very beautiful eyelash. Of course, its price will be a little more expensive, even so, it will attract many customers to buy this eyelash. This eyelash is also very attractive in the market, because it is really beautiful.


Create your own eyelash packaging

Vichy Lashes not only made eyelashes, of course, they mainly made eyelashes, but they also expanded other businesses besides eyelashes. For example, custom fine eyelash packaging boxes. The box is also a kind of decoration, if put together with eyelashes, will appear more delicate, more eye-catching, more attractive. Therefore, we will also customize a variety of exquisite packaging boxes, and eyelashes together to the hands of customers, so that customers feel satisfied, also reflects our mind.


Our eyelash packaging box with the different needs of customers, thus the style is not the same.For example, such as transparent diamond acrylic box (above left picture), diamond box (above middle picture), square box (above right picture) and so on.The material of the box is also different, reflecting the diversity and novelty of the box style. We also design more and more innovative boxes according to the different needs of customers, so as to meet the needs of our customers and expand our business at the same time.





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