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What’s the Advantage Of Vichy Lashes

Unique Design:

We insist on original design,We have been designing and innovating constantly.Our eyelash design is leading the fashion trend of the world.our designer participate in international show design and know fashion element,also you can design by yourself.

Lash VendorsLash Vendors

Our Material:

Our products are made of the best materials. Our exquisite and unique raw material treatment technology In the pursuit of perfection, each hair is carefully selected by patient workers with hair tips.

In pursuit of nature, our raw materials for mink lashes are processed by high technology. Each mink lash hair is soft and sharp, without shiny hair. It is natural and elegant and spiritually.

Lash VendorsLash Vendors

Our Quality:

Each Hair is put on the design by skilled workers and ensure that the left and the right sides are symmetrical. Eyelash’s integral effect is perfect!

Regarding the mink lashes curve. Our unique stereotype technology ensures the lashes with natural and elegant shape. After immersion in dry water, the eyelashes will return to normal.

Lash VendorsLash Vendors

Wearing Times:


reusable mink eyelashes about 30 times,in fact,after several use,you can wash  lashes and dry it,you will find Vichy Lashes,our designer participate in international show design and know fashion element.also you can design by yourself.

25mm mink lashes wholesale25mm mink lashes wholesale

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