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The Most Fluffy Looking Mink Lashes

Every Eyelash Supplier wants to make their own eyelashes more fluffy to meet the market demand in addition to natural eyelashes, but Fluffy Lashes are difficult to make, the key point is to determine the shape, that is, to keep the eyelashes better of curvature! When girls wear Fluffy 6D Siberian Mink Lashes, they look more charming.

The eyelash illustrations in this blog are the best-selling styles of our fluffy eyelashes. 6D series 20mm Mink  Lashes

Fluffy Mink LashesFluffy Mink Lashes

Vichy Lashes is one of the few Mink Lash Vendors that can make high-end fluffy eyelashes, because Vichy Wholesale Mink Lashes are shaped by physical heating, which takes longer time and costs more. Vichy lashes likes to spend more to maintain it’s Eyelash quality.

6D Mink Lashes6D Mink Lashes

Chemically shaped fluffy eyelashes, the mink fur hairs are great suffered by chemicals, the toughness of the hair is reduced a lot, but the brittleness increases, and it is easy to break. The curvature of the eyelashes does not recover after several extensions. After using such eyelashes several times, they can only relying on mascara to produce the required degree of upward warpage, mascara will increase the weight of the eyelashes, and it is very uncomfortable to wear such eyelashes.

6D Mink Lashes6D Mink Lashes

Vichy lashes is a Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging industry and trade company Group, we are lash manufacturer,Wholesale Eyelash Vendors USAIf you want to know more about our products you can check our

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