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Short False Eyelashes That Look Real

Vichy Lashes is one of the Best Wholesale Lash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging Manufacturers . We are specialized in designing and making 25mm Wholesale Eyelashes, 20mm Wholesale Eyelashes and 16mm Wholesale Eyelashes, 13mm Mink Lashes  for more than ten years.Our Wholesale EyeLashes in bulk are exported around the world, If you are looking for high quality wholesale Eyelashes vendors, Vichy Lashes is your best choice.

13mm Mink Lashes

Vichy Lashes, as a world leader in mink lashes. Every month our designer team launch several new styles of 25mm mink lashes ,20mm mink lashes and 16mm mink lashes ,13mm Mink Lashes. Moreover the material of our 3d mink lashes are 100% mink furs and totally cruelty-free, healthy and easy to wear, you can feel the slightest and comfort when you wear them. And if you want to order our lashes in bulk,we can give you a much better price than any other eyelash vendors. If you just start to creat own eyelash brand, and want a few different styles of mink lashes,we also supply several mink lashes sample packs with different fashionable styles and best prices for you to choose. And all of the 3d mink lashes sample packs are free shipping.

Mink Lashes Catalogs

Catalogue Click >>> 16mm  Mink Lashes

Catalogue Click >>> 13mm 3D Mink Lashes

Catalogue Click >>> 25mm  Lashes Dramatic Style

Catalogue Click >>> 20mm 4D Mink Lashes

Catalogue Click >>> Eyelash Sample Packs

Packaging Catalogs And Lash Tools 

Catalogue Click >>> Eyelash Packaging Catalogues

Catalogue Click >>>  Lash Glue

Catalogue Click >>> Lash Tweezers 

Catalogue Click >>>  Eyeliner Glue Pen

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