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Questions To Ask Lash Vendor

Do you have Questions To Ask Lash Vendor ?

The answers from Lash Vendors—  Vichy Lashes

1.Can I have a sample order for 3D Mink Eyelashes?

Yes, We support samples order before bulk. You can test our best styles for your brand.

We have 7  Sample Packs selection. These samples  are very hot selling and popular mink lashes. Covered different length styles.<<What do Lash Vendors Wholesale?>>

Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom PackagingWholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

2. Do you have any MOQ  limit for 3D Mink Eyelashes?

Low  MOQ, A Pair for sample checking is available , Click Here  Choose The Best Wholesale  Mink Lashes for Your Lash Line.

Wholesale Mink LashesWholesale Mink Lashes

3. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 2-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.

Different customized product , have different produce time. The time please ask WhatsApp
lash vendors

4.Is it OK to print my logo on Box of 3D Mink Eyelashes product?

Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

5. What’s the total price ?

Please contact us for specific lashes price based on specific style.WhatsApp to get the price.

the price of one is mean nothing in wholesale.When you inquiry, Some Lash Vendors give you one pair price,but when you ready to purchase have expensive shipping cost and bank charge. The wholesale price including lashes price , custom eyelash packaging price, shipping cost, and bank charge . So when you inquiry, kindly care about it.

Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom PackagingWholesale Eyelashes And Custom Packaging

6. Could you advice the retails price?

It is very important question when you find Lash Vendors. According this answer you have target your customer and start your selling Pan. WhatsApp to get the retails price.

Bratz Lash Box

6. How many times can 3D mink fur strip eyelashes be used?

20-30 times in proper and gentle way.


7. Do you get Cruelty free 3D mink lashes.

Yes, our mink lashes if Cruelty Free. It is collected when minks fall their hair every year.eyelash vendors wholesale usa

8. Do you wholesale custom eyelash tweezers?

Yes, we do wholesale custom eyelash tweezers.

Wholesale Eyelash TweezersWholesale Eyelash Tweezers

9. Do you wholesale custom eyelash  Glues?

Yes, we do wholesale custom eyelash  Glues.

Eyelash GlueEyelash Glue

10. Do you have any deals for Beginners?

Yes, In order to help news to start lash Business easier,  Please click here Get the Good deal for Beginners

Custom  Bratz Doll Eyelash Packaging BoxCustom  Bratz Doll Eyelash Packaging Box

11. What Is The MOQ Of Your Custom Eyelash Packaging ?

30pcs Click here  Choose the Custom Eyelash Packaging you like

Custom Eyelash Packaging USACustom Eyelash Packaging USA

12. Could I see your customers reviews?

Yes dear, Please click the link <<The Reviews from Customers>>

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

How To Start Your Own Lash Line

  1. Do you have brand name ?  Click here >>>Choose Lash Design For  Your Logo
  2. Click here >>> Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Boxes
  3. Click here >>>Find Eyelash Vendors,Test our best styles for your brand
  4. Click here >>> Make Great quality private label tweezers
  5. Click here >>>Make Great quality private label glues

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Helpful Skill>>>How To Start Your Own Lash Line ?

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Helpful Skill>>>How To Start Your Own Lash Line ?

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