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How To Start Your Own Lash Line ?

Many girls want To Start Their Lashes Business with little money,and they have no idea about this,because many Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash Vendors ask for high MOQ,which keep out many beauty lovers.

《Good Deal For Starting Lash Business》

How to Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Boxes

《Questions To Ask Lash Vendor》

How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Eyelash Line?

Today I would share some tips for you to start your lash business with four tips to Build Your Own Lashes Brand.

1st Make sure you have your own logo

If you don’t have your logo,you can design by Fiverr App and that would cost 30USD. And yo can get the logo for about 3-5days . If you do not want to pay this and just do a simple LOGO , We have professinal design team, could help you in free.

How Do I Name My Lash Business?


Create your own eyelash packaging

2nd Choose your reliable lashes vendor who provide good service

《Who Are The Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors》

Quick Questions about Custom Eyelash Packaging

To be honest, it is not difficult to buy lashes.If you wholesale some low-cost and poor eyelashes, your sales may be simple, but the after-sales service will be very difficult to do, you will encounter  many barrier, then you will lose a lot customers. You  will lose loyalty in your eyelash business.Please remember that if you always develop new customers in eyelash business rather than maintain regular customers, you will never succeed!

The most hardest is how you can buy the eyelashes that really suitable for you.

First ,they should have good lashes and latest lashes which is very popular in the world. You can ask reviews to check if customers endorse their products.

7D Mink Lashes7D Mink Lashes

Second ,they should be your friend who really wants to help you to start your lashes business instead of huge MOQ and just want to earn money from you.

Third ,they could help you to Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging  ,because if the packaging is very low, the customers will not think that the eyelashes is in good quality and to pay good price.

Custom Lash Cases

Lash Vendor

3rd Giving A Good Shipping day

When you finished your payment, How long they could ship to you?

General customized boxes need 20-30 days to complete production.In order let buyer could received package as soon as possible, we prepared over 200  styles Luxury  Eyelash Packaging and Custom Lash Boxes With Perfect Quality! Those Styles Boxes can been printed your private logo or brand name .Your Custom Lash Packaging could be finished within 5-7 days !!!!!! 

So do you guys have known how to start your lashes business? Anything about lashes and custom packaging box just feel free to contact us ,whatsapp 8613156382673,and we will do our best to support you and your business

Custom Eyelash PackagingCustom Eyelash Packaging


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