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How to start an eyelash business and succeed

How to start a lash line and be better than the others

The eyelash business has been growing world wide, and it is becoming difficult to compete in this industry, with a lot of other well established companies. Here are some tips on how to start a lash line and be competent in the industry and excel:

  1. Find a reliable wholesale lash supplier, with nonsubstitutable high quality eyelashes. At Vichy lashes, we provide high grade quality lashes, that can be used for up to 30 times.
  2. Choose your eyelash packaging box carefully. Finding the perfect packaging for your lashes, will also make your overall product exquisite and classy, thereby attracting many customers. At Vichy lashes we have the best Eyelash Packaging box Designs at low prices.
  3. Choose quality over low prices. Avoid having to start your business with low quality cheap lashes,that will lead you into the liquidation of your business and shorter business life. Also, it is easier to get repeat customers when you have higher quality lashes in the market. You can also gain confidence in charging a premium price for your lashes, knowing that the quality is non substitutable.
  4. Choose the best selling styles for your lash line.
  5. Mix different eyelash styles and lengths to cater for different customer preferences.
  6.  In addition to yourr eyelash products, try to be different from other companies by adding other lash related products, such as Eyelash Tweezers and Eyelash Brush , which we can customize here at Vichy lashes.

The most difficult part for some people who wants to start a lash line is choosing a logo and brand name for their business. We at Vichy lashes can help you design your own logo, with our team of professional designers, for free!!


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