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Custom Lash Packaging

Custom Lash Packaging

Many beauty-loving women like to put false eyelashes on their eyes when they make up, because this can make the eyes look bigger and more godlike, and also make the entire eye makeup look more charming. However, when removing makeup, many women do not know how to remove false eyelashes in the eyes. How to remove false eyelashes has become a problem for many women, because improper removal of false eyelashes can cause the eyelashes to fall off and even hurt themselves. How to remove false eyelashes? How to properly remove false eyelashes? The following articles will answer your questions.

Custom Lash BoxesCustom Lash Boxes

1 Use a cotton swab to dip in an appropriate amount of cleansing oil. First wipe the roots of the eyelashes. It is worth noting that when rubbing the roots of the eyelashes, you must gently and carefully wipe the glue of the false eyelashes clean.

3D Mink Lashes3D Mink Lashes

2 The root of the false eyelashes rubbed off with makeup remover will fall off by itself after a few minutes, so when removing the false eyelashes, do not forcibly tear the false eyelashes that are stuck to the eyelids, because this will cause your original eyelashes to be torn off. For a long time, forcibly tearing the false eyelashes will make the eyelids become loose or even drooping.

Mink Lash VendorsMink Lash Vendors

3 After the false eyelashes are completely separated and removed by the makeup remover, use a clean cleansing cotton, pour the new cleansing oil on the cleansing cotton, and then apply the cleansing cotton to the eyes. When applying the cleansing cotton to the eyes, be sure to close Your own eyes, because this can prevent makeup oil from getting into your eyes and hurting them. After the makeup remover is applied to the eyes for 10 seconds, remove the makeup remover. When you remove the makeup remover, take it out and gently bring it out. The false eyelashes are easily removed.

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