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How to maintain Your Mink Lashes and reuse 15-20 times?

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Do you know How to maintain Your Mink Lashes and reuse 15-20 times?

Custom Eyelash BoxesCustom Eyelash Boxes

1. Pull them off gently and start from the outer corners of your eye
When taking off your false eyelashes pull them off carefully by pulling on the lash band and starting from the outer corners of your eye. Avoid pulling the individual lashes because this could pull out your individual lashes and ruin the shape of your false lashes.

2. Clean your false eyelashes properly
Clean your false eyelashes regularly so that you keep your eyes safe from bacteria and maintain the condition of your lashes.

4. Leave to dry and store them safely
Leave your lashes in a clean place to dry and once they’re dry store them in their eyelash box. Storing them back in their eyelash box can help them maintain their curve and will make them easier to apply.

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