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How To Get Wholesale Price From Lash Vendors?

Are you searching good wholesale price fro your lash business? Do you want to get different Wholesale Lash Vendors price ?  How To Get Good Deal From Lash Vendors?

When you begin to work this ,it really a hard work for every one.

Vichy Lashes is ​a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer From China ,We Main Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and 25mm Mink Strip Lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes to USA. Every Day we received many messages about “I would like to get price?” , It is good news from our customes, as they are intersted in our products.  Below is our differen reply to reply same price.

1.Hi Vichy Lashes,I like to start a lash business, can you help me.  

These messages are from New ones , They want to start own eyelash business.   Yes, we have many good deals for new ones who want create own lash line.

Lash VendorsLash VendorsLash Vendors

What we can do for the beginner ?

  1. We will advice the very popular Wholeslae Mink Lashes styles . Show pictures and videos in WhatsApp  We also show reviews from customers, so one news can feel free to trust us.
  2.  We will advice some popular Custom Eyelash Packaging to buyer. As it is import to new ones to have a beautiful and Cheap Custom Eyelash Boxes.
  3. If buyers insterested, we will give a good deal according Wholeslae Mink Lashes styles and Custom Eyelash Packaging Box.
  4. As the good deals is customized for every ones, so it is easy to done.
  5. But some ones have own budge, we also could give a good deal according different budget.  For example: My Budget is 200USD, How could I Start My Own Eyelash Brand?

The Questions you should to know:

  1. Purchase your Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging , could help me earn money?  Yes, <<The Reviews from Customers>>
  2. What do you wholesale?  We update our products according market <<What do Lash Vendors Wholesale?>>
  3. Questions To Ask Lash Vendor

2.Hi Vichy, I am intersted in a quote for your CustomEyelash Cases. 

Lash Vendors

1.Checked our website, send the picture to us.

2. Tell me in WhatsApp,You can get the good deal directly.

3. Lash Vendors  ignore your messages , Why?

  1. Do not tell your Lash Vendors, You are trying to get different vendors price.
  2. if you did’t pick products , just ask price. They will  not reply to you.

Do not too rush for price, special customize products. The price is very different as details.  Like these,The Wholesale Lash Vendors can not reply.

Lash VendorsLash VendorsLash VendorsLash Vendors

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