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How To Get Big Discount From Vichy Lashes?

Vichy Lashes is  a Mink Lash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturerwe specialize in Wholesale Mink Lashes,Custom Eyelash Boxes, Mink Eyelash Glue, Eyeliner Glue Pen,Eyelash Tweezers Bulk, and Eyelash Brushes.We keep focusing on 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale  fashion industry.

In order to let our regular Customers to get the best discount.  We give below Wholsesale Price list let customers check according.

Big quantity will have big discount , it is the rule in business. So when you want to start your lash business you should choose the best for yourself.

1.if your order is over 1000$, we could give 10-14% discount.

If you want to start your lash business in about 1000$, we suggest to sample lashes firstly <<SAMPLE PACKS>>.  

you can let your Lash Vendors recommend  some popular styles for you <<What Styles are Most Popular?>>, and you also could picked the styles you like from <<Catalog>>, The better is mixed recommend styles and the styles you picked. So you can check the quality.  In our company, if your order is over 1000$, we could give 10-14% discount.

Before your bulk I suggest you <<Questions To Ask Lash Vendor>>

2.if your order is over 500$, we could give 5-6% discount.

Yes, if your budget allow, we keep suggest you samples firstly <<SAMPLE PACKS>>.  <<Questions To Ask Lash Vendor>picked the styles you like from <<Catalog>>, if your order is over 500$, we could give 5-6% discount.

Why we suggest samples order firstly?

  1. You can check the quality and fixed the styles you want.
  2. When you received samples and confirmed quality , you can start your business.
  • take pictures and show in your social media(instagram,tiktok, Youtube,facebook, website)
  • take video and show in your social media
  • Show it to your customers, and take videos the more the better .

Notice: some of customers, sell over Bulk before we ship out just depending samples order.

3.Budget is about 200$-100$, No discount

 How to earn Money with small budget ?

  • Small Budget we do not suggest samples orders, as it will wast your money in shipping.
  • You can together your money make a trail orders. Once sell over, you can double you money.
  • Make sure choose the Best Lash Vendors to purchase.If poor quality you will lost all your money. As no one want to buy poor quality in USA or Europe.
  • Ask <<The Reviews from Customers>>

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