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How To Choose Your Eyelash Boxes?

Hello, I am Ellen, I am very glad that you come to Vichy Lashes’ Custom Eyelash Packaging Classification Section. Here we will give a detailed introduction How To Choose Your Own Eyelash Boxes?. I believe it can help you.


Custom eyelashes packaging, according to different materials, we can choose Paper Eyelash packaging, Glitter Eyelash Boxes ,acrylic material packaging, or packaging bags.

1.Paper Boxes for eyelashes.

Paper Boxes for eyelashes is usually a rectangular lash box, because the shape of such a package is easy to design and easy to transport. I want to see the picture you must not feel strange, because this is the most common eyelash box style. If you are just starting your own eyelashes business and like the classic eyelash style, I suggest you use this type of packaging first.

Other Shapes: Round-shaped eyelash boxdiamond-shaped eyelash boxsquare eyelash box, etc

2.Glitter Eyelash Boxes

2. Acrylic packaging eyelash Cases

Acrylic box has a relatively uniform appearance, which can be pasted with your LOGO post for easy transportation. The most important thing is that if you only need a lower number of orders, acrylic boxes can still keep costs low, because every kind of acrylic box is manufactured in large quantities. There are many styles of acrylic boxes. I recommend diamond-shaped acrylic boxes. They have a smaller volume, are easier to transport, and have a beautiful appearance. You can also use them in combination with paper eyelash boxes. very Creativity.


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