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How to choose Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors when you are new?

Hi, Beauties,

Every girl has a beautiful dream. They won’t make more money with their loves things. Like Small Lash Business,You can find more and more posts on Instagram about Lash Vendors or Lashes business.

That’s a good idea! But did you worry about How to do lashes business with Lashes Vendor? It looks like easy. In fact, it’s not too easy to do it. First, Choose a professional and responsible Lash Vendors is difficult. Second, the wrong way to promote your lashes products. You didn’t have your own Custom Eyelash Packaging Or the delivery delay to make you cant send the lashes to your customers in time. Maybe you get bad feedback from your customers about the bad quality of lashes.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale usa

In our here, you don’t need to worry about those issues. As a professional and responsible Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor. We offer a one-stop service for every customer. Now I’ll tell you a real story from our customer.

I called her, Grace. Grace is a very nice and young girl. She loves makeup so much. On IG, she got over 2k followers in the past 2 years. She wants to do some cosmetics business. Grace spends a long time making a decision. Which one is best for her. She wants to start a small Lashes Business. Because false eyelashes will make girls looks more beautiful. And give more confidence, more glam…

She thought she has some professional makeup skills. She can teach more girls to know how to apply a lashes in short time. More and more girls show their beauty to their boyfriends, husbands, kids. Their kids and husbands will think their mother and wife get more confidence. The beautiful lady always gets more benefits in the world. People both like fantastic and beautiful things. That’s sounds good!

Lash Vendor Wholesale Custom Lash BookLash Vendor Wholesale Custom Lash Book

So she searches Wholesale Lash Vendors  on Google for three days. Finally, she got a good eyelashes supplier-D at that time. (i called them D eyelash suppliers in this articles) D offered some cheap quality lashes. Per pair $1.8 for mink lashes. Also no smallest order quantity. Grace thought it’s cheap and looks good from pictures. She calculates the lashes cost, shipping cost, packaging cost. After those, she will get benefits from one pair lashes about over $3 dollars. So Grace decided to order 30 pairs of the first order.

In three days, Grace sold out 30 pairs. And she got more advanced orders from her customers. She felt so happy. Why? Because she got more money from lashes business. Thus, she ordered a big order about 200 pairs of mink lashes to that D lashes vendor. But the accident happened, some customers complain of the mink lashes to her. Her mink lashes make some customer’s eyes uncomfortable and look like red. Grace asked them, which lashes adhesive your use before. At that time, some people thought the allergic to lashes adhesives. In fact, it’s not about lashes glues, its about mink lashes quality.

Grace asked D lashes vendor, D told her that’s a normal situation, some people were allergic to mink fur. They will cover by a few days. Grace believed D wholesale lashes vendor.

When the second match arrived, Grace sells them still as normal. She sold out fast. Grace got over $2000 from those mink lashes. But the bad thing still happened. More and more customers asked Grace to return their money soon. Customers felt unhappy, uncomfortable with their eyes. And their eyes turned red. They were very scared. Eventually, Grace returns all the lashes and give some compensation to the clients. And some of them told her, I swear I will never buy your lashes again!

From making $2,200 to losing $3,000 in a very short time. When Grace asked some compensation to her Lash Vendor. D lash vendor deleted her and put her in blacklist…

The bad and sad story ends now. Grace did not give up to do mink lashes business. She though the mink lashes market was potential. When she found us and talked with us about what happened before. We felt commiserative and regret.

After she purchased from Vichy Lash vendors – me for first order over $1,000. One day, I chat with her like a friend, talk about the wholesale lashes market situation now. In my experience, there is no smallest price. There is only a lower price. Even though, $0.1 you also can order mink lashes from Wholesale Lashes Vendors now. But are you confirmed qualities before you order? Absolutely, you are not confirming and see mink lashes details. You see the price is so cheap! I can get more benefit and sell fast. We all understand that.

But, can you apply those eyelashes to your eyes? That’s will be horrible! Trust me, the low price doesn’t mean the 3D mink lashes with good quality. When you ordered those low-quality lashes .You will lose your royalty clients, lose your business partner. Finally, lose your lashes brand in the market. Nobody will trust you again! So don’t do it!

VichyLashes Wholesale Mink Lashes and PackagingVichyLashes Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

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