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How To Buy Multiple Types Of Eyelashes With Your $100?

Detail eyelash sample package combination 3


16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm Total 10 pairs

Since Vichy lashes launched the eyelash sample package, we have solved many concerns for many customers in the purchase of eyelash samples, and our eyelash sample package has

several different combinations of styles. I will introudce our sample pack 3, which customers can buy with less than $100 for all the 5 styles.

Sample pack 3 consists of five styles, and a total of 10 pairs of lashes. Among the 10pairs, there are two 25mm lash styles in total, one 22mm lash style, one 20mm lash styles, and one 16mm lash style. In this pack each style(of the 5 total styles) has 2 pairs, to make a total of 10 pairs.

1.First style, is our 25mm DL03 eyelash.



DL03, 25MM


2.Second style in this pack is DL09, 25mm lash, which comes in 2 pairs in this sample pack. DL09 is among the best selling 25mm lash styles, and is characterized by equal length hairs, that are equally spread out through the eyelash band. Besides its dramatic length, i can say DL09 is more natural looking, due to the evenly spread out hairs, and i guess thats why our customers like this style.


DL09, 25MM


3. Third style is DN12, 22mm lash. DN12 is dense, and has more volume than the other styles in this sample pack. This lash style is not too long, and it is gorgeous. It comes in 2 pairs in this sample pack.


DN12, 22MM

4. Style 4 is DM 10, 20mm lash. it comes in 2 pairs as well. This style is liked by most customers and is undoubtebly my favorite in this pack. It is charactericed by short and long hairs, and the overall length is not too long or too short, its just perfect! It is the best selling style among the 20mm mink lashes. And as other lash styles in this pack, it comes in 2 pairs.


DM10, 20MM

5. 5th style is DC09, 16mm lash style and it is for those who prefer shorter lashes. This style is more natural looking, and can be suitble for an everyday look.

DC09, 16MM



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