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Start Your Own Lashes Business With Little Money

Hello, I am very glad that you come to Vichy Lashes . Many girls want to Launch their own lashes business.  Do you have below questions?

How much does it cost to start your own lash line? 

Is a lash business profitable?

Who is Lilly Lashes supplier?

How can I make my own brand eyelashes?

Are Lilly Lashes made in China?

How do I find a vendor?

Let me share some for you one by one

eyelash vendors

Wholesale Mink Lashes

How much does it cost to start your own lash line?  

Start A Lash Business From Vichy Lashes. Vichy Lashes Vendor is a Mink Lash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer. Mainly Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes . Now it is becoming stronger and stronger 3D Mink Lash Vendors, products including Wholesale Mink Lashes, Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes, Lash Glue, Lash Tweezers, Lash Brushes, Eyeliner Glue Pen, Lipgloss Tubes, Wholes Hairs.

Please do not believe Start A Lash Business With No Money.  Maybe they ask some shipping cost and give you some poor quality lashes. So you will find “oh I just got one poor quality lashes. And I am failing in Start Lash Business. It is not what you want, you are looking for a good start and then bigger and bigger.

Vichy Lashes could help you start from 160USD ?Perfect Quality Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and Luxury Custom Eyelash Boxes.

Could I Start A Lash Business below 100$ ?  Dear it is a difficult question to answer?  But in fact you can’t . Some ones reply to you “Yes”, But it is not real, Maybe It just in way to start. You can get samples orders or no logo orders, But it is not a real Start.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging

How To Choose Lash Styles To Start Your Own Lashes Business?

Choose The Best Wholesale  Mink Lashes for Your Lash Line, over 200 different styles from 13mm to 25mm, no quantity limited you can mixed alll .


How To Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

In Custom Eyelash Boxes market , have many different Eyelash Packaging, << Custom Eyelash Packaging collection>>,  Study from the finished Custom Lash Packaging, choosed the best one you like, and you will get the idea of Creating Your Own Eyelash Packaging.

You can send the picture to your Lash Vendors.  Vichy Lashes is professional Lash Vendors Wholeslae Mink Lashes And Packaging. Please contact my WhatsApp,

Our workers will give you the best solution to make your own eyelash packaging.

Custom Eyelash BoxesCustom Eyelash Boxes

How do I find a vendor?

If you want to make your own brand in good selling . I suggest to choose purchase Mink Lashes Wholesale in good quality. If you only want to choose the cheapest product, I suggest you not waste your time, because 99% of this will fail! because we have met too many customers to do this. I hope you will be ready, thinking well, doing market research, investigating products and product

So Girls ,More details welcome to add WhatsApp:008613156382673Wholesale Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes Wholesale

How can I make my own brand eyelashes?

Vichy Lashes will give you some advice, How Much Does It Cost To Start A Eyelash Line? with different budget and find your Wholesale Lash Vendors.

If I have 200 USD can I start my business line ? 

You should tell your Eyelash Vendors your budget, So they will give the best choice for you.  For Example :

My Budget is 200USD, How could I Start My Own Eyelash Brand?

My Budget in 300USD, How could I Start My Own Eyelash Brand?


My Budget in 1000USD. How could I Start My Own Eyelash Brand?

Big Budget will have Big Discount, You can choose the best you can afford.

 How to Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging.

Custom Eyelash Packaging have MOQ, You could give your logo to Lashes Vendors, let they recommend some beautiful and popular Custom Eyelash Packaging.

Vichy Lashes Lash Vendors Wholeslae Mink Lashes And Packaging located in Qingdao China, we are the largest Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Factory In USA, and the most professional Custom Eyelash Packaging USA manufacturer. We have professional design team, if you confirm order we could free design your Custom Eyelash Boxes.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

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