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How Long For Custom Eyelash Boxes?

In the era of eyelash popularity, Eyelash Packaging Box is also very popular, so the question comes, how long does it take to Customize Eyelash Packaging Box?

Depends On The Quantity

Because we know How Important Service Is For Eyelash Business, the minimum quantity of your logo in our Custom Eyelash Boxes is 30, which I believe our customers already know! So if you want to order between 30 and 200, our production time is 3-5 working days, and if you order between 200-400, our production time is 5-7 working days, and so on.

Depends On The Type

Also, the length of time depends on the type of Eyelash Boxes you order. If it’s a strange shape, such as butterfly paper card box, trapezoidal paper card box… Or special process, such as gilding, 3D printing We need to customize these kinds of Eyelash Packing Box for you, the production time is about 20 days, and then we can arrange the delivery for you after our professional personnel check to ensure that your order is correct!

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