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Holographic Eyelash Packaging

holographic eyelash packaging

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Hi, Girls, today happy to introduce our custom Eyelash Packaging boxes. Because the Custom Eyelash Packaging  is the Best Way to Help You Start Your Mink Lashes Business .

holographic eyelash packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom  Holographic  Eyelash Boxes can make in different shapes. You can customize the outside in this laser effect or you can also choose the styles which can change the bottom paper card.The shape can be Diamond ,and rectangle, just make it as your request.

Eyelash Packaging

The holographic effect is shiny, luxury and attractive, make your product more popular and in high grade.The holographic box is made of the laser paper, it can be used for inside and outside. It won’t influence to print the company name or add the logo. It can be made on different shape, just tell us your request, we could customize it for you.

Custom Lash Boxes

If you want to  Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging , you can also choose the stock styles the bottom card can be changed. We could change it to this holographic effect paper card directly, so it also could have the laser effect. This is more economical.

Custom Eyelash Packaging usa

Custom Lash Packaging

This one is the diamond package, the package have two style , one is all package use the holographic, the inside and the out side all is.and the other kind is the outside use the holographic and the front have the white line, and the inside use the black, the so luxury group. now this is the hot sell style. in the side can use the round trays or diamond trays.u can choose u wanna.

Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging

holographic eyelash packaging Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

holographic eyelash packaging Eyelash Box Vendors

holographic eyelash packaging Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

holographic eyelash packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging with window

This package all is use the holographic, i think is so luxury and dramtic, take the 25mm Mink Lashes in the package will can see the lashes clear, and about the package on the front top u can add the logo, and if u not have the logo we can design for u dear, and add on the package for u dear, and about the package back,u can add u information and u beautiful sentence.and u Social i so suggest this package .

holographic eyelash packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging with door

holographic eyelash packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging 

holographic eyelash packaging Custom Eyelash Packaging with  window


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