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Do You Want Start a Lash Business like Lilly Lashes ?

It is very easy to start a lash business. Vichy Lashes could help you start your own lash brand from 160$. 20pairs High quality mink lash and 20pcs luxury Custom Eyelash Boxes. 

How to let your lash business become stronger and stronger like Lilly Lashes ?

1. The best 3D Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes is an industry leader in false lashes, Vichy Lashes is a professional Mink Lash Vendors and manufacture from Qingdao. We provide lashes to many celebrities and Makeup artists. We sell Mink Lashes. Our lashes are premium 3D mink lashes that are 100% hand made and using a soft cotton elastic band for comfort. They are feather soft and lightweight and come in many different 3D styles.

Good quality could win more customers but poor quality lost customers

2.Keep Designing New 3D Mink Lashes Styles.

Innovation can bring your lash business to a stronger future! Beauty industry is keep changing as garments or lipstick.   Lash styles are keeping popular in different time and different event.

Vichy lashes have own professiol designer team update Lash Styles every month to catch the trend.  <<Choose The Best Wholesale  Mink Lashes for Your Lash Line>>

3. Do your own Custom Eyelash Packaging Occupy the market

If you want to be a major company in the cosmetics industry, Packaging is import in your Lash Business.It is a part of your false lashes can keep False lashes’ shape and protect Mink Lashes. Have a good quality and pretty Custom Eyelash Boxes is same important as your Best 3D mink lashes.

I am very glad that you come to Vichy Lashes’ Custom Lash Boxes  Classification Section.


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