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Custom Magnetic Lash Boxes 2021

The production process of custom magnetic lash box mainly includes printing, UV, and bronzing. In addition, you can open the skylight and use special paper to make the eyelash packaging look more delicate.

Currently the most recognized custom size of custom magnetic lash box on the market is: 4.3 inch x 2 inch x 0.5 inch (109.2 mm x 50.8 mm x 12.7 mm)

Materials  of Custom Magnetic Lash Box

Different kinds of materials can be used to make eyelash boxes. The main materials used are as follows

  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Specialty paper

All the aforementioned materials can have different thickness levels. It all depends on the consumer’s choice. Cardboard and cardstock are the most commonly used materials. Since they provide protection as well as any printing or color, they can be easily printed on them. Hot stamping and UV printing can work on specialty papers.

Custom Eyelash BoxesCustom Eyelash Boxes

Printing of Custom Magnetic Eyelash boxes 

1.UV Printing 

UV, also known as thermal imaging, is used to give printed images a raised glossy appearance, and was originally developed to imitate the look and feel of engraving. The use of UV printing on Custom Eyelash Packaging is a great innovation. Before that, the minimum order quantity for eyelash custom packaging on the market was100-200, Thanks to UV printing technology ,Vichy Lashes we can now start order with 30Piece custom lash boxes.

Custom Eyelash BoxesCustom Eyelash Boxes

2. Hot Stamping 

Hot stamping is a very popular custom eyelash boxes decoration application. It will have a metallic luster and come in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, bronze and copper.

The disadvantage of the hot stamping process is that it cannot be very meticulous. If you want to reflect a lot of details on your LOGO, then I do not recommend that you use hot stamping to make your LOGO.
Bronzing is more suitable for making a beautiful contour. The advantage of bronzing is that it reflects light and gives people a luxurious feeling.

3. Glitter Custom Magnetic Lash Box

Custom Eyelash Black Glitter BoxesCustom Eyelash Black Glitter Boxes


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