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Custom Eyelash Packaging And 16mm mink strip lashes wholesale

To provide you with the best eyelash packaging services


If you order our mink eyelashes, we can also make a customized exquisite eyelash packaging box for you. After knowing us, you know that our handmade mink eyelashes are of high quality, so we have very strict requirements

on the quality of the eyelash box.If the boxes and eyelashes are ordered from us, it will save you more transportation costs and avoid wasting more of your precious time and energy. In terms of purchasing eyelash boxes, we

can provide you with better services so that you can have time to sell more mink eyelashes to your customers.

custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging

New eyelash packaging box is constantly on the market

As the general customers the demand for boxes of different styles of the eyelashes, we designed a series of new eyelash boxes, such as like a rectangular transparent acrylic boxes, marble boxes or glitter boxes, of course, more

importantly, to be able to customize your want style box, we have been for many customers to make the various style box, so, if you also want to have beautiful eyelash packaging, we absolutely is your best choice!


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New 16mm DC series mink eyelashes are on sale!

Vichy lashes adhere to 3D 16mm mink lashes quality control system, is our unparalleled quality of solid support.Although 16mm DC series eyelashes just listed soon, but there is no denying that it has been great, is also a

guarantee of our quality, and Vichy lashes business in all have high evaluation on the evaluation of the numerous customers, has the very high prestige, proved the importance of sustaining eyelash eyelash market, for many

benefits brought by the customer, that is sustaining eyelash can have the highest prestige is one of the most important factors.



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If you want to learn more about the 16mm eyelash style, click here⇒16mm Siberian Mink Lashes


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