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Custom Eyelash Boxes with low MOQ

Why Custom Eyelash Boxes have MOQ?

Custom Eyelash Packaging is special product. It should be made as customer’s requirement. If you want to customize your own Eyelash Packaging. You should offer your sample or the design to your Eyelash Box Vendors.

In market  different Lash Box Vendors  have different MOQ from 100-5000PCS.   How to do if you just need small Quantity ?

Vichy lashes is a Profesional top best Mink Lash Venors , That having 15 years history of making higher quality eyelashes products, Our main products range is Mink Strip Eyelashes, Eyelash Packaging , Eyelash Tools

Custom Eyelash Packaging is very important part of in lash business.  Just like Luxury cosmetics need packaging, High quality mink lashes also need Luxury Lash Packaging. In order to help customers start lash business with a small money, So we ready over 200 different Eyelash Packaging.  These Packaging can customized front and back, minimun order quantity only 30pcs, so you will do not worry about the big MOQ.

How to work?

  1. You can choose the clear Eyelash Packaging from below catalog.  These Eyelash Boxes is in our factory stock and update every day. All is very popular in market.
  2.  We could customize front and back of the ready box. Box can not change color and can not customize inside or side .
  3. Give your logo or brand name to WhatsApp ,We will recommend some finished samples to you or advice the best one to match your logo.

Custom Lash Packaging Custom Lash PackagingCustom Lash PackagingCustom Lash PackagingCustom Lash PackagingCustom Eyelash PackagingCustom Eyelash Box PackagingCustom Lash PackagingCustom Lash PackagingCustom Eyelash Packaging

Click <<Quick Questions about Custom Eyelash Packaging>>

1. Could I change color ? Change color minimum order quantity is 100pcs

2. Could I customize  inside ? Customize inside , minimum order quantity is 100pcs 

3. Could I customize side? Customize side, minimum order quantity is 100pcs

4.I do not like the stock Eyelash Packaging , I want to customize our own special Custom Lash Boxes.  

if you need no stock Eyelash Packaging, Vichy Lashes can do for you Minimum Order Quantity only 100pcs.

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  1. What’s the price on the clear acrylic packaging with butterfly print & price on the paper card packaging

    1. WhatsApp ,

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