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Dear Loyal Guests,

In the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that now, more than ever, our commitment is to your order safety and  delivery to you in time.

We are Lash Vendors and Manufacturer in Qingdao China. We have highest standard of safety and cleanliness seriously from 2020 March for our product.

• As always, employees who are sick or are falling ill are being asked to stay home

•We’re doubling down on cleaning efforts in communal spaces. While always clean and neat, we are now in constant wipe-down and disinfecting mode.lash vendors

Are you still shipping due to this virus?

VichyLashes ship orders with  UPS and FedEx.There is no impact on the overall transportation. And the goods are delivered home, if you are isolated at home, there is no impact on receiving express delivery, you will receive the goods as usual. So don’t worry.

How To Start Your Own Lash Line

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