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A beautiful day, starting from the eyes

Good morning, Friends

Today also good day, I wish you all can meet your favorite boy  : ))

Today, I have a beautiful rain outside here. I don’t know how the weather are your there.Could can you tell me in the leave message?

Beautiful eye makeup can bring you a beautiful day,Would you get up early to make up, lol?

How can a good eye makeup lack a perfect eyelash?

The effect of the mascara brush seems to be not ideal. Why not try vichy’s mink lashes, pure natural vichylashes will let you complete a perfect eye makeup quickly and well.

In the past, I often heard beautiful women complained that wearing eyelashes makes them more beautiful, but at the expense of some comfort, those eyelashes are too hard and uncomfortable to use.

Now vichylashes solves this problem for you, vichylashes’ super soft belt is very comfortable, can bring you beautiful and give you a comfortable experience.

Most importantly, girls who don’t protect cosmetics like my cousin can use vichylashes more than 30 times, which is incredible.But I witnessed it with my own eyes.

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Eyelash Growth

Depending on how far you need to take growing back your eyelashes

there is the option of eyelash transplants. Eyelashes do serve an important part in helping shield the eyes from dust and grit etc. However, most people these days take care of their eyelashes for beauty purposes.

In the instance that you do not have eyelashes

the salient features that are normally associated with a face disappear. Without eyelashes, the face does lack one of the basic features associated with a normal face. There are other reasons that one might consider an eyelash transplant. These include, Trichotillomania (compulsive hair plucking), automobile or industrial accidents, chemical and thermal burns, eyelid tattoos, and traction alopecia associated with long-term use of false eyelashes.

In addition to the above, medical conditions may have required the eyelashes to be removed for treatment

such as chemotherapy. Congenital atrichia is a condition wherein there is total absence of hair from the body.

As the availability and success of eyelash transplantation becomes better known, more people are considering the surgical approach to gain permanent enhancement of eyelash length and density.

Reconstructive Eyelash Transplantation

In patients whose eyelash loss is due to trauma or disease, factors that the physician hair restoration specialist will consider include biological capacity of injured tissue to be a functional host for transplanted hair and follicles, and an existence of an adequate supply of donor hair of the quality needed for eyelash transplantation.

In patients whose eyelash loss is due to systemic or local disease, factors that must be considered include, course of the disease to date-that is, if the disease is active or in remission, and medications taken to manage the disease.

There is currently growing concern from physicians on people requesting eyelash growth surgery purely for beauty purposes. They believe this surgery should be carried out on people with medical conditions only.

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How to Get Long Healthy Eyelashes

The hair follicle is an important part of the hair, and also the eyelash.

As the body ages, the hair follicle can weaken. This, combined with environmental and health factors can slow the growth of new eyelashes, and at the same time increase the breakage of existing lashes.

Over time, eyelashes can become dry and brittle.

They can break and even fall out. Although eyelashes naturally fall out and get replaced with new lashes on a continual basis; as we age, this process slows down. The use of eye makeup, eyelash curlers, extensions and false eyelashes increases the dryness of eyelashes even more, making them more brittle and more susceptible to breakage.

A healthy diet and hair conditioning can help decrease the dryness and brittleness of hair, which of course includes the eyelashes.

Similar to salon conditioning hair treatments, there are conditioners for eyelashes. Some eyelash conditioners understandably work better than others because of their higher quality ingredients. The higher quality eyelash conditioners usually work much faster on conditioning the eyelashes, making a noticeable difference in their length and thickness.

Another issue to be concerned about is eye irritation.

Since the eyelashes are so close to the eyes, you don’t want to treat them with the same ingredients you would put on your regular hair. You don’t want to use just any eyelash conditioner either. As eyelash conditioners have become more advanced, so have the ingredients. You can now get eyelash conditioners with all-natural botanical ingredients that have been tested by doctors, and in most cases cause no eye irritation to the user.

Actually, eyelash conditioners can make your eyelashes healthy and strong in not 1 – but 2 ways.

The second way is that since they make your eyelashes longer and fuller, this will eliminate (in most cases) the need for eyelash extensions, false eyelashes – even mascara. You don’t even need to curl them, so the additional stress that you may be putting on your lashes will be eliminated, making your lashes happy and healthy!

Consider the time and money spent on eyelash accessories, makeup and cosmetics tools. Even a good quality eyelash conditioner will look like a bargain.

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What Are Semi Permanent False Eyelashes Made From?

With an educated guess

I would say that people who wear semi permanent false eyelashes today, are unlikely to be old enough to remember the 1916 film, “Intolerance” and the star Seena Owen. If you had seen it, you would have observed probably the first instance of anyone wearing false eyelashes.

However, you could hardly say these semi permanent false eyelashes were an overnight success

possibly because no one had come up with an easy way of making them and even fixing them! It wasn’t until the fashion industry was turned upside down in the 60s did they begin to become popular. Most ladies remember those huge eyes of Twiggy surrounded by her wonderful eyelashes. The use of false eyelashes dwindled a little following Twiggy’s heyday as volumizing mascaras became more popular. They have since enjoyed a resurgence from around 2008.

False eyelashes can now be found as full sets, single lashes or in small clumps and with varying density, colour and lengths.

When applying false eyelashes for the first time, it will take a little practice to get it right. You need to attach them securely as close to the lash line as possible with a special glue. To remove them, you need a special solvent to dissolve the glue and you should never just peel them off as you will take your own lashes with them!

The materials that the eyelashes are made from often dictates the price, and generally speaking, the synthetic ones will be cheaper.

You can also find silk eyelashes and natural hair versions. The natural ones will either be from human hair or mink. With the mink lashes, the hair is simply harvested by brushing and live mink. Perhaps a little strange (if you can believe it), when searching the Internet you will encounter a few claims that a British artist, Jessica Harrison had a pair made out of fly’s legs! Well, each to their own……!

As for comfort – you will get used to them, but never sleep in them or your eyes will look terrible in the morning as they are not designed to wear on a 24 hour basis. Look after your semi permanent false eyelashes and they will last you a long time, depending on how often you use them of course. Other alternatives include eyelash implants and extensions, although we would recommend you try an eyelash growth serum first and see how you get on with that.

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Discover How To Get Long Eyelashes Naturally

How to get long eyelashes naturally rather depends on how you define “naturally”.

Here, we are going to define it as being able to grow your own eyelashes so that they become longer, thicker and better conditioned. I’ll explain why a little later.

Science has been kind to us of late, and if we are born with short, stubby and thin lashes, have suffered an accident or have lost eyelashes because of illness or medications. products have been developed that can be used to improve the condition and volume of your eyelashes.

Such products are useful as not all of us want to use false eyelashes, have eyelash implants or extensions. Although you can get ‘natural’ false eyelashes if you buy the mink hair ones, these do not appeal to everyone.

So, how to get long eyelashes naturally.

The easiest way is to use eyelash growth products. Now, these growth products are not completely natural in the true sense of the word. although they do contain ingredients such as wheat germ, kelp, chamomile and nettle . However, they do also contain some of those things you can’t pronounce such as Phenoxyethanol (used to kill bacteria and stabilize the formulation), so what price beauty!

Now Phenoxyethanol is actually an organic compound, but many cosmetic manufacturers buy in a cheaper synthetic for their products. Without wishing to spread any concern about any possible dangers of using these products as the majority, it is wise to read any small print.

The majority of products you can buy have been deemed safe to use by various governing bodies in different countries. But if you do feel really strongly about this type of thing as many do, I am sure you will avoid them anyway.

Eyelash growth products work by applying a serum to the base of the lashes (both upper and lower if required) at least once a day. sometimes twice depending on the product you choose. This is usually done at night after gently removing all traces of makeup. It takes around 2 to 4 weeks to see a difference and you should notice the lashes are thicker, longer and in a better condition.

Go for a product that has information of clinical trials so you know it works.

A word of note, to maintain those thick lashes you will need to continue to use the product. Missing the odd day will not make much difference. but in general it is logically to assume you need to keep using it.

Prices for an eyelash growth serum vary considerably. but usually you don’t need the most expensive and the cheapest may not be best, choose a middle priced one. Around $40 should see you through 2-3 months if used as recommended so the cost isn’t that great.

How to get long eyelashes naturally isn’t as simple as it may seem. check the product ingredients out for yourself and decide whether you want to use an eyelash grower serum for yourself.

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Long Eyelashes – The Epitome of Feminine Beauty

Long Eyelashes - The Epitome of Feminine Beauty
Long Eyelashes – The Epitome of Feminine Beauty

For ages immemorial women have loved to have long lashes.

And to this day women strive to get the perfect eyelashes that will enhance the look as well as the beauty of a lady. This need has made women look for various and varied remedies to improve and enhance the growth of long fluttering eyelashes.

There are a numerous ways of growing beautiful lashes

some people resort to using fake eyelashes and using mascara but there are also a number of ways of growing eyelashes naturally. Also available in the market are a number of cosmetics which promise to enhance the length of the eyelashes.

However, some women may have shorter eyelashes and they use artificial or false extensions.

Though the length of the eyelashes is genetically determined. one can create an illusion of long fluttering eyelashes by doing the right eye makeup. Using an eyeliner slightly darker than the colour of the eyelash will help in giving an enhanced look to the eyelashes. A subtle extension of the eyeliner at the outer corners of the eye also creates such an illusion.

Apart from the illusion women can also use false lashes

or change the angle of their flat eye lashes by curling them using an eyelash curler. However, there are some permanent solutions to it as well. Eyelash extensions are one among them. it takes a couple of hours and once done the effect stays for a longer duration with just a few occasional touch-ups. These days there are drugs which enhance the eyelashes; the only FDA approved drug in the market is Latisse. The next option available is eyelash transplants. Most effective way of them all but needs regular trimming.

Apart from all these methods the natural methods include having a healthy diet which has a balance of all nutrients and vitamins.

Use of olive oil also helps in enhancing the growth of eyelashes. Vitamin E is also a natural growth stimulator of long lashes. Even simply brushing the lashes with an eyelash brush stimulates its growth. Trimming eyelashes also is a stimulator but one should bear in mind not to trim more than the tips of the lashes.