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The Customer Has Placed The Order For The Second Time In Just One Weeks!

The importance of customer feedback

Many customers are looking for high quality eyelashes wholesalers, in addition to price, customer feedback and a more concerned about the problem, they

will tell you Vichy brands eyelash is really good-looking, also can order from you again a lot of eyelash or packaging, thus increasing the credibility of both

sides, in the customer feedback is also pay attention to this aspect, so we clinch a deal the order form will be in the form of pictures to show our customer

feedback, Vichy lashes proved to be a comprehensive service of high quality 3D mink lashes wholesalers!




If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows:


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How can a customer pay without a PayPal account?

How can a customer pay without a paypal account?

Our customers sometimes encounter the problem of not knowing how to pay without a Paypal account when they want to place an order. However, you don’t need to worry.

Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay and get your eyelashes. To pay without using PayPal, all you have to do is follow these steps : 


1. Send your email address .

When you send us your email address, we will send an Invoice to your email address.

2. Check your emails, and click on the Invoice we sent to you, to “View and Pay Invoice”.


3.After clicking on it, an interface will appear and click “Pay Now”.



When clicking, make sure to click on the”Pay with Debit or Credit Card”. If the click is in Chinese, change the language

on the lower left corner of the page.




4. The final interface is your credit card information. Fill in your credit card information (including address, contact

information, etc.), and click “Pay Now” to complete the payment.








WhatsApp: +8613156382673


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Who Is The Most Professional Supplier Of 25mm Mink Eyelashes? Why Is That?

Why do you use Vichy Lashes 3D mink eyelashes ?


Everyone wants to have a pair of beautiful eyes. There are too many ready-made false eyelashes in various styles on the market, which makes every woman want to wear eyelashes on her eyes to make them look brighter and

more beautiful.


China natural mink eyelashes manufacturers

Eyelash is popular in the 1950 s and ’60 s, the production of eyelash materials including fibers, hair, and synthetic fibers, with the continuous development of economy and the change of market demand, the production

of eyelash material also has from the initial fiber into into the mink eyelash today.



cruelty free mink eyelashes factory

People wear more eyelash is mink eyelash, and wearing Vichy Lashes  3D mink lashes more natural, more roll,more warped,and important is a comfort, but just right.In today’s eyelash market, Vichy Lashes 3D mink lashes are

favored by a large number of customer groups!



individual mink eyelashes wholesale

High-quality 3D mink lashes will let us win together!

In the current eyelash market, in addition to  3D mink lashes, there are artificial eyelashes, but they are really good quality? Please see the following analysis:

1.Now, the common eyelash on market has too much eyelash is artificial eyelash.These eyelashes are made of plastic and artificial fibers, this kind of artificial eyelash is made of synthetic material, eyelashes made from synthetic

materials tend to be thicker and harder than those made from other materials, still one-time use, after using, throw away, use not long at all,poor durability.


lash vendors in the us

2.The Vichy Lashes 3D eyelashes are made of mink,compare with artificial eyelash, it is to have certain advantage absolutely.Mink eyelash is more natural, fleeciness, lightsome, because its weight is light, eyelash quality

is high,  it can be used repeatedly after one use, because this gets the welcome of numerous client.



 premium mink lashes wholesale

3.Artificial eyelashes are made from less expensive materials, so they are also less expensive, costing $10 to $20 per pair on the market.Obviously, a cheaper price will attract more customers, but if you order a lot of eyelashes

and they don’t work very well, you’re really losing a lot of money.So, if you spend money on a pair good mink eyelash, but it’s a win-win situation because you can reuse it and it’s a very comfortable experience.Choose eyelash

to do not see price only , quality also is very important one aspect.


mink lash strips wholesale

If you are interested in our products,

our contact information is as follows:



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Customized eyelash packaging boxes

Custom lash boxes


At Vichy lashes we have many types of luxury mink  Eyelash Packaging box Designs. We have the acrylic boxes, square boxes, diamond boxes, to mention just a few, all that can be customized with  a private label. These are some of the customized boxes we have made for our customers.

eyelash packaging design


custom lash boxes

false eyelash packaging

custom lash packaging

custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging wholesale

For our acrylic boxes, we have the round and the rectangle boxes, which can be customized by printing or by logo sticker.

private label cosmetics

private label manufacturers

We also have the marble pattern eyelash packing, which is among our best selling eyelash packaging boxes. The mable design comes in various colors, which you can choose from.

private label eyelash packaging

mink lashes packaging

If you want to see more eyelash boxes, click here⇒Eyelash Packagcing

click here⇒Simple eyelash packing box

If you would want us to customized your eyelash box for your company,

You can contact us on:



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This Kind Of Box Packaging Can be Your Choice Newly Started Eyelash Business!

Vichy eyelash exclusive custom luxury eyelash packaging box


We use the best quality materials to produce all kinds of customized fine eyelash packaging boxes.Our service will never let you down, because our priority is to provide customers with the best possible service and value.We

deliver all over the United States or any other country for free.We offer a wide range of fashionable eyelash box packaging.Check out our website to find a custom eyelash box that surprises you.


lash packaging supplies

eyelash box packaging

We Vichy eyelashes brand not only provide the best quality eyelashes, but also provide you with a variety of beautiful packaging boxes.In the past, Vichy eyelash packaging style was not diversified, so the customer choice was limited, but now, we have introduced a many more eyelash packaging boxes.


false eyelash box packaging

custom packaging for eyelashes

Choosing Vichy Lashes eyelash packaging box is your best choice


A custom eyelash box with a refined look is sure to add a lot of value to the product.Many cosmetics are of high quality, some are even very effective, but they are not put on the shelves of shopping malls, because the packaging is monotonous and cannot attract customers. On the contrary, if the packaging design of that high-quality product is unique, then the product may become one of the best cosmetics brands in the market. Vichy lashes is constantly launching new packaging boxes, to provide customers with the best service.


lash packaging

empty eyelash packaging

And in our eyelash packaging catalog, there are great changes in the shape, the previous diamond packaging box style only one, now our diamond packaging box appeared a lot of color style, you can choose, choose until you

are satisfied;Our square box has a glitter series of boxes, and your logo is more beautiful, and our acrylic box used to be only round, now we have also launched a rectangular acrylic box, it is really great, I believe that in many

packaging styles, there is always one suitable for you!


eyelash packaging wholesale

eyelash case



If you are interested in our products,

our contact information is as follows:


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If You’re Starting Out In The Eyelash Business, It’s A Loss Not To Use This Box!

Choose quality eyelashes to start your eyelash busines


In nowadays the eyelash of the market, there is too much eyelash wholesales or vendors, the price also is uneven, moreover to be able to get more profits, regardless of the quality of eyelashes at low prices to attract a large

number of customers to buy eyelash, although can over a period of time can get profit, but to do is almost an impossible thing for a long time, so if you want to buy eyelash, or open a eyelash company of my own, must

choose quality eyelashes!


cheap eyelash vendors



Best wholesale mink lash vendors



real 3D mink lashes wholesale

Purchase fashionable eyelash packaging box advantage

We have been constantly designing new styles of eyelash packaging boxes to provide our customers with the freshest and most thoughtful eyelashpackaging boxes and packaging services. Our customized packaging has great

advantages, please see the following analysis:


→In terms of customized packaging, if you have your own LOGO, we can print it on the box for you. As long as you send us your LOGO, we can make beautiful eyelash packaging boxes according to your requirements.


private label eyelashes

→If you don’t have your own LOGO, you can tell us the LOGO you like. We have professional designers to help you design your LOGO, so you don’t have to worry about having no LOGO!


eyelash boxes

In terms of the quantity of our custom packaging, our customized packaging quantity can provide you with the best plan according to your budget. Can suggest you order how many quantity of eyelash packing box, and its

overall price, whether affordable or reasonable, we completely from your point of view for you to solve the problem of ordering packing box or solution!


mink lashes packaging

→We only need 3 to 5 working days to deliver the packaging boxes you ordered to your hands. We will use UPS to ensure that you can receive the goods as soon as possible!


eyelash packaging wholesale


eyelash box packaging


If you are interested in our products,

our contact information is as follows:


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Custom Eyelash Packaging And 16mm mink strip lashes wholesale

To provide you with the best eyelash packaging services


If you order our mink eyelashes, we can also make a customized exquisite eyelash packaging box for you. After knowing us, you know that our handmade mink eyelashes are of high quality, so we have very strict requirements

on the quality of the eyelash box.If the boxes and eyelashes are ordered from us, it will save you more transportation costs and avoid wasting more of your precious time and energy. In terms of purchasing eyelash boxes, we

can provide you with better services so that you can have time to sell more mink eyelashes to your customers.

custom eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging

New eyelash packaging box is constantly on the market

As the general customers the demand for boxes of different styles of the eyelashes, we designed a series of new eyelash boxes, such as like a rectangular transparent acrylic boxes, marble boxes or glitter boxes, of course, more

importantly, to be able to customize your want style box, we have been for many customers to make the various style box, so, if you also want to have beautiful eyelash packaging, we absolutely is your best choice!


private label manufacturers


false eyelash box packaging

New 16mm DC series mink eyelashes are on sale!

Vichy lashes adhere to 3D 16mm mink lashes quality control system, is our unparalleled quality of solid support.Although 16mm DC series eyelashes just listed soon, but there is no denying that it has been great, is also a

guarantee of our quality, and Vichy lashes business in all have high evaluation on the evaluation of the numerous customers, has the very high prestige, proved the importance of sustaining eyelash eyelash market, for many

benefits brought by the customer, that is sustaining eyelash can have the highest prestige is one of the most important factors.



China thin band mink eyelashes suppliers



faux mink eyelash extensions manufacturers



private label eyelash extensions wholesale

If you want to learn more about the 16mm eyelash style, click here⇒16mm Siberian Mink Lashes


If you are interested in our products,

our contact information is as follows:


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Why Do Many Customers Tell Me That They Will No Longer Consider Other Suppliers When They Buy High-quality Eyelashes Of Our Brand?

What are the advantages of Vichy eyelashes?

Among many wholesalers of mink eyelashes, Vichy Lashes has absolute advantages, because Vichy Lashes has been in eyelash business for many years, so compared with other eyelash suppliers, they know how to attract more

customers to place orders.But our advantages are still very much, can be analyzed as follows:

⇒ Our eyelashes are all 3D mink lashes,3D mink lashes are zero cruelty and pure natural, and 3D mink lashes are soft and fluffy, you can feel it is very natural and comfortable when you wear 3D mink lashes, plus the eyelashes

are very curly and warped, the effect of wearing 3D mink lashes is very good.

wholesale eyelashes

eye lash vendors

⇒Vichy Lshes besides material is high quality, its use of time is very long, also can be used for up to 20 to 30 times, and its reducibility is very strong, if you use hand rub eyelashes at random, the final finishing, will restore the

original shape, not like some eyelashes rub after wrinkled, it may not be able to recover.


Best mink eyelash vendor


lash vendors samples

⇒Recently, some customers will give us a response or put forward some Suggestions, think the price of 25 mm mink lashes is on the high side, so we recently launched a new 25 mm mink lashes, and are also adjusted in terms

of price, this is the eyelash of the DL series,its length is no shorter than the original DH series eyelashes,and the price is affordable, believe that its new sales to 25 mm mink lashes is very good!



eyelash mink vendors


private label mink eyelashes manufacturer 

⇒Whatever the series which the length of the eyelash eyelash or, we have been continuously design more new style of eyelash, make more customers have more choices, rather than only a few style, market and customer

demand is constantly changing, so to keep up with rhythm, must have to design new style, constant progress, constantly innovation, this is also our Vichy eyelash has a huge advantage.


wholesale 3D eyelashes

strip eyelash vendor

The eyelash supplier of our brand has delivered 30 pieces to the United States every day

We are also very busy in logistics. The express mail we send to the United States every day has far exceeded 30, and we also have a lot of orders waiting to be processed every day, so we need to send a lot of express

mail,because eyelashes are sold so well, and the customer group is also very large!


Wholesale custom eyelash packaging box start my own eyelash brand

We are 3D mink lashes wholesaler also wholesale custom packaging boxes, also have their own independent style of eyelash, also have their own brand of eyelash packaging alone, can provide you with a variety of services,

not just provide packing box, you can also customize packing box, or printing LOGO, if you to start your own business or eyelash brand has an own eyelash are interested, can contact us, we can give you the best service!


eyelashes bulk wholesale

where to buy wholesale lashes

If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows:


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Why are the big suppliers working with us?

What we can do as good Mink lashes vendor

New Design 3D Mink Lashes

Pure Handmade

The Most Comfortable False Lashes.

100% Mink Fur And 100% Hand Crafted.

Most Luxurious Mink Lashes Created With 3D Design.


We are the most diversified 3D mink lashes vendors, of course, we all sorts of style of eyelash sales are very good, however, in many style of  eyelash, we sell the eyelash of the DM series is quite good, the eyelash of DM series,

is what we call 20 mm mink lashes, a few of our most popular are the DM02, DM03, DM16, 20 mm mink lashes sells very good because the length of it is just right, not long, not short, and use is also very long, just meeting the needs of many customers, and the price is very reasonable,Is to make customers feel very satisfied with a eyelash.

Finding a lash vendor/mink lashes vendor

Mink Eyelash Vendor Wholesale Red Glitter Eyelash Boxes Custom with Private Logo design 

cheap eyelash vendors/mink lashes vendor

mink eyelashes bulk/mink lashes vendor/glitter eyelash packaging

Pay attention! This kind of packing box is the best seller at present!

Recently, we’ve Vichy Lashes added a series of new glitter eyelash packaging box, they are really very beautiful, very bright eye, and also can be in any a box you want to print your own LOGO above, you can start your eyelash

business, set up an independent brand eyelash, if you have your own LOGO, if you also want to have a beautiful eyelash packaging, can be quick to contact us, we can produce for you the most exquisite packaging, make your

eyelash business  grew as soon as possible!

eyelash packaging wholesale/glitter eyelash packaging

private label manufacturers/glitter eyelash packaging

eyelash packaging manufacturers

Attention! It only takes one day to customize our eyelash packaging LOGO!

In custom eyelash packing box, especially the printed LOGO, we can definitely tell you, you want to print LOGO on the box can be finished quickly, we can get the highest efficiency, the fastest speed to finish this matter for

you, we have our own printing machine, so no printing factory, printing can be completed, one day is enough can be printed on all the boxes, and even can be printed as soon as you can check the goods delivery, so also

greatly saves your time waiting for the goods!

false eyelash packaging/wholesale mink lashes and packaging

false eyelash box packaging


private label eyelash packaging

Who is the most professional supplier of 25mm mink eyelashes? Why is that?

Vichy Lashes are independent brands, did more than three years of eyelash, specifically for numerous customers to design various styles and different lengths of eyelash, make more customers with our eyelashes products, we

have trust, have confidence in our products, because the Vichy Lashes is have rich experience of eyelash suppliers, understand the market also know or to know more about customer needs or suggestions, so we are

professional supplier of 25 mm 3D mink eyelashes!

25mm mink lash wholesale/mink lashes vendor

25mm mink eyelashes/mink lashes vendor

false eyelash manufacturer USA/mink lashes vendor

Factory wholesale custom eyelash packaging box with your logo

Wholesale private label eyelash boxes in Green color 

Custom Golden Eyalash empty box with Logo Brand name

Pink eyelash packaging boxes custimized with logo or brand name

Wholesale Great Quality 3D mink lashes and packaging with private logo design 

eyelash cardboard boxes customized wholesale paper box packaging for lashes

If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows:


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How to begin eyelash business ability to make money?

20mm mink lashes vendor 25mm mink lashes wholesale


If you are in an established their own independent brand eyelash company stage, then you must know or understand enough eyelash more information will

also be able to know which style of eyelash especially popular on the market sell, is artificial eyelash, or other types of eyelash, but it is clear that

our 3D mink lashes place in the market, selling is particularly good, especially the fast,either 20mm 3D mink lashes or 25mm 3D mink lashes, sales are

very optimistic, our 3D mink lashes is our pure handmade, and half the persistence eyelash, also very roll become warped,Is very worthy of you have!


Why is it so important to find the right 3D mink supplier?

You are set up their own company in the process of 3D mink lashes, the most important link is how you find a supplier quality mink eyelash, first of all,

most of the ladies, while buying the eyelash or bulk order eyelash, one of the biggest concerns of the problem is the price problem, in fact, the price is not a

big problem, you can think about it, if you find a reasonable price but the quality is very poor eyelash supplier, you can save money, but buy eyelash is make

you feel very bad, are you sure you won’t buy his eyelashes, so in fact in choosing eyelash vendors that you have wasted a lot of time on the one hand,It is

better to take a comprehensive consideration to find a high-quality mink eyelash supplier with reasonable price. The cooperation between the two parties is

based on trust. When you have more demand for eyelashes in the future, you can order more eyelashes, which will save you a lot of energy and time


Why can we deliver the goods as soon as we receive your eyelash order?

We in the logistics of the block, but also allows you to receive the goods as soon as possible, let you feel more satisfied, not only the eyelash of good

quality, logistics is more rapid, we after received your order will be ready for you, for your order, we have a special personnel to be responsible for this

piece, but logistics single number, we can immediately sent to you, let you can focus on the information of the goods, what is the situation, you can feel free

to contact us, we are the fastest to solve the problem for you, let you can feel our efficient service.




Provide you with the best picture proof



If you are interested in our products,

our contact information is as follows: