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How to Find Lash Vendors for Your Eyelash Business

What to Look For in Wholesale Lash Vendors: 5 Questions to Ask

1. Do they have product reviews?


We’ve all been there. You’re doing some late-night shopping to treat yourself, and as you scroll down, you see the review section. Some of the reviews are glowing, but some of them aren’t. In the end, all of those reviews can save you from making the wrong purchase.

When it comes to buying your salon’s supplies, you want to know that the products you’re buying match the product description online. One of the best ways to determine the quality of a wholesale lash vendor’s product is by checking their product’s reviews.

Do their products have reviews in the first place? If so, are they all the same (hint: this is a red flag!), or do they sound realistic?

Look for realistic and genuine reviews from customers that have purchased the product. Scan multiple reviews to make sure they aren’t copied and pasted templates from the vendor to boost their public image.

If they check out, purchase with confidence. But if something in your gut makes you hesitate, babe, take your lashes and run.

2. Is there any related social media account(s) you can check out?

Think of all those times you’ve bought an outfit, and it arrives two sizes too small. “But the image made it look different,” you may cry!

There is really only so much you can learn from a product page image. Sure, it might look nice on a blank canvas, but what does the product look like in action?

Avoid mishaps and check out the vendor’s social media.

There are plenty of vendors that sell lashes and offer styling services. Examine pictures, watch live videos, and see what their followers are saying to gain a greater understanding of their product.

Don’t get catfished ever again—search their social media!

3. Does the vendor have a blog where they share relevant or exciting information?

On the whole, an excellent way for a client to get to know a vendor is through social media or a blog.

While this blog doesn’t always need to be educational, it certainly can’t hurt.

A well-written and researched blog builds a positive reputation. It also shows that the vendor values the customer and desires to educate and build a rapport with the reader.

It’s not rocket science—it just shows that the vendor is open to taking the extra step to provide valuable information, along with products, to the customer.

4. Does the vendor know what they’re talking about?

So, by this point, you know that vendor has pretty good wholesale lashes, but here’s an important question you can’t forget: can they walk the walk and talk the talk?

Anyone can sell a newspaper or fountain pen; however, it takes an expert to know the various nuances and applications of different eyelash extensions.

Read their product descriptions, look for vendor replies to customer questions in the review section, or shoot the vendor a quick email.

If, for whatever reason, they can’t answer a question about their product, take your business elsewhere.

5. Is it easy for you to find out more about the vendor, like their contact information?

While our previous questions are about finding information on your vendor, this one is a little different. Here, you want to examine how easy—or difficult—it is to learn about your vendor outside of their store’s front page.

For example, can you find a contact page? Does it have any important information, like a phone number or email you can contact?

If a vendor doesn’t list their contact information, you may want to brush it off and give them the benefit of the doubt. However, ladies, we are telling you not to!

It’s natural for a customer to have questions, and the vendor should be readily available to receive them.

While you shouldn’t assume that every vendor who doesn’t list contact information is suspicious, it’s better to stay safe than sorry. So, your best bet is to go with a vendor you can quickly contact just in case you have any burning questions to ask.

Become the Lashing Expert You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

Ladies, these have been our tips on finding those high-quality wholesale lashes that you deserve. But, this is far from the end of the road when it comes to your lashing education.

Here at The Lash Professional, not only can you get products tested and approved by our own lash industry bosses, but those same experts can show you how to start lashing, too!

Through our comprehensive in-person classes, you can go behind the scenes at The Lash Professional and learn lashing tricks from the best.

Got a busy schedule but still dream of a future full of lashing? We’ve got your back with our online lashing classes. Now you can learn to lash legendary looks at your own pace!

So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Join your lash loving sisters and jump right into the world of lashes today!

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How do I start my own eyelash business from home?

Vichy Lashes is a professional produce of Mink Lashes and Custom Lash Packaging boxes Manufacturer and 3D Mink Lashes wholesale Vendors.

Do you want to have your own eyelash brand? Do you want to know How to Start My Own Lash Line? as follow that we will show you that How to Create Your Own Eyelash Brand. I hope we can help you to Start Your Own Lash Line.


Starting a successful eyelash business is tough if you’re a rookie. If you’re experienced, good for you. There’s much more you can learn from our experts below when they point out the best tips that can make or break a lash business.Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

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New Design for Acrylic Eyelash Cases

Acrylic eyelash Case Wholesale

The spring of 2021 is coming, you should also customize some new Eyelash Boxes to meet the needs of your customers.You need to know your customers’ ideas, so we updated the catalogue of new Custom Eyelashes Boxes. Do you want to Custom Eyelash Packaging Box?

Custom Eyelash Boxes

1.What Are These New Eyelash Boxes?

The new eyelash box is Acrylic eyelash Case Wholesale. They are PMMA board made of MMA, which is a kind of organic compound, and they are very transparent as glass. It is a new type of thermoplastic material.

Eyelash Packaging

2.Why Update Acrylic Eyelash Box?

The original acrylic Custom Lash Packaging color is single, in order to meet more customers’ choice.
The color is bright, don’t worry about it fading. Its high resistance to heat and resistance makes acrylic glass not so easily broken.
It has the advantages of high transparency, light weight, wear-resistant, not easy to damage and soft texture.

Custom Lash Boxes

3.Do You Want To Customize The New Acrylic Eyelash Box?

You can print any of your logos on the Eyelash Box. Vichy Lashes acrylic box, like other boxes, has a minimum number of 30 logos to print.
We can arrange our designers to design the logo you want on the Eyelash Packaging for free.

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

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How Long For Custom Eyelash Boxes?

In the era of eyelash popularity, Eyelash Packaging Box is also very popular, so the question comes, how long does it take to Customize Eyelash Packaging Box?

Depends On The Quantity

Because we know How Important Service Is For Eyelash Business, the minimum quantity of your logo in our Custom Eyelash Boxes is 30, which I believe our customers already know! So if you want to order between 30 and 200, our production time is 3-5 working days, and if you order between 200-400, our production time is 5-7 working days, and so on.

Depends On The Type

Also, the length of time depends on the type of Eyelash Boxes you order. If it’s a strange shape, such as butterfly paper card box, trapezoidal paper card box… Or special process, such as gilding, 3D printing We need to customize these kinds of Eyelash Packing Box for you, the production time is about 20 days, and then we can arrange the delivery for you after our professional personnel check to ensure that your order is correct!

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How To Find Lash Box Vendors

  • In this post Vichy Lashes will help you know what is the Eyelashes Box and how to design a professional Eyelash Packaging .let’s start with the function of the eyelash box.


  1. First, the box serves as a decoration and looks very beautiful.
  2. Second, the box can protect the 3d mink eyelash very well.
  3. Third, you can print the logos and slogans on the box to add value to the product and increase sales.
  4. Fourth, the empty lash box can be applied for storing your false eyelashes and  tools, suitable for professional beauty salons and daily use.


We Have A Promotion Now.

The price is very favorable.According to the material, our mink eyelash box can be divided into six types:

  • cardboard or magnetic eyelash box
  • Paper eyelash box
  • Acrylic eyelash box


  1. First, the box made of acrylic material has been carefully polished
  2. resulting in a smooth surface, high transparency and good hand feeling.
  3. Second, it has strong resistance to pressure, and strong durability.
  4. Third, these textured boxes are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.


After These Boxes Are Used Up, You Can Put Small Ornaments Or Small Objects In These Empty Lash Boxes.

  1. plastic eyelash box
  2. iron eyelash box
  3. PVC (polyvinylchloride) eyelash box


  • There are mainly six types of eyelash boxes, depending on their shape:
  • Round eyelash box
  • Square eyelash box
  • Diamond shaped eyelash box
  • Rectangular eyelash box  The rectangular eyelash box is a classic bestseller.
  • Polygonal eyelash box
  • irregular eyelash box


According Open Boxes Way, Eyelash Boxes Can Be Divided Into Three Types:

  • clamshell-type eyelash box According to the clamshell way, the eyelash box is divided into a front cover and no front cover, tilt-up box and dredge-up box.
  • drawer eyelash box
  • bi-parting type eyelash box


There Are Two Types Of Eyelash Boxes Depending On Materials:

  • printing paper Printing paper can be printed directly, and then covered with malt lamination.
  • specialty paper Special paper can only be ironed.  Special paper can be divided into
  • tinfoil eyelash box
  • glitter eyelash box
  • marble eyelash box You can print your own logos on this type of paper.
  • Holographic eyelash box


Generic eyelash boxes have no logos, but you can choose to paste your own logos. Stickers divided into normal type and transparent self-adhesive tape. The transparent self-adhesive tape cannot print white characters.



For Printing Labels On Eyelash Boxes, We Have The Following Ways:

  • Paste stickers
  • Print logos directly
  • Hot stamping  You can choose any color you like. But hot stamping does not support gradients, only be printed.
  • 3D printing
  • Concave-convex


About Custom Eyelash Packaging \Box\Case, We Have The Following Ways For You:

  1. On the top of the eyelash boxes, you can write your logos, brand names.
  2. On the lower of the eyelash boxes,
  3. you can write your own tagline and social information, including ins, facebook, websites and so on.
  4. You can put slogan or tagline on the inside cover of eyelash boxes, you can also put mirror on them.
  5. What’s more, you can add some decorations to these eyelash boxes, like streamers, handles, butterfly knots and so on.


The shape of window eyelash box is mostly rectangle, but also heart.


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Customize Your Own Lash Boxes

Hello, I am very glad that you come to Vichy Lashes Custom Eyelash Boxes Classification Section. Here we will give a detailed introduction to Custom Eyelash Packaging. I believe it can help you.

As a major company in the False Lash industry, we have many regional sales agents for eyelashes business and eyelash brand creator customers. When they started their business, they encountered many problems.

I think if you want to start your lash business, you will encounter similar problems. We are very happy to share our successful experience with you on the road to success. I think it should help your career.

When you start your Lash business, you will encounter an important and must solve the problem, that is, you must choose a suitable Eyelash Packaging for your business. If you are ordering Custom Eyelash Packaging for the first time, you will encounter many problems. First of all, we need to know, which packaging are available for us to choose?

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, according to different materials, we can choose paper eyelash packaging, acrylic material packaging, Glitter Eyelash Boxes or packaging bags.

1.Paper packaging for eyelashes.

Paper packaging for eyelashes is usually a rectangular lash box, because the shape of such a package is easy to design and easy to transport. I want to see the picture you must not feel strange, because this is the most common eyelash box style. If you are just starting your own eyelashes business and like the classic eyelash style, I suggest you use this type of packaging first.

Custom Eyelash BoxesCustom Eyelash Boxes

Usually according to the different brand image we want to display, or the different product series launched, we have other box shapes to choose from, such as heart-shaped eyelash boxdiamond-shaped eyelash boxsquare eyelash box, etc.

2. Acrylic packaging eyelash box

Acrylic box has a relatively uniform appearance, There are many styles of acrylic boxes. I recommend rectangular acrylic boxes. They can pack all lengthes false lashes and customize with beautiful design. You can also use them in combination with paper eyelash boxes. very Creativity.

Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

3. Glitter Eyelash Boxes

If your product is positioned as a convenient series, then you can also choose eyelash packaging in the form of a bag. This type of packaging is very economical, and we can still add our LOGO, showing our brand, is also a very good choice.Custom Eyelash Boxes

4. Eyelash packaging bag

If your product is positioned as a convenient series, then you can also choose eyelash packaging in the form of a bag. This type of packaging is very economical, and we can still add our LOGO, showing our brand, is also a very good choice.

Eyelash packaging bag


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Empty Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

Hunting for best eyelash packaging box? Vichy eyelash packaging box is manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market on account of its impressive quality and surprising factory price, Vichy eyelash packaging box series manufactured by Vichy include multiple types, to top it off, Vichy also provides with professional custom eyelash packaging service. Vichy has the ability to meet different needs. eyelash packaging box is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable and competitive. Contact us, you will slash your cost and concurrently enlarge your business

Vichy Lashes Lash Vendors Wholeslae Mink Lashes And Packaging located in Qingdao China, we are the largest Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Factory In USA, and the most professional Custom Eyelash Packaging USA manufacturer.

We customize a variety of styles, sizes, colors, finishes, etc. according to the needs of customers. The eyelash box is one of the most popular boxes. Simply send a request send  WhatsApp professional team to get the Customize Your Own Eyelash Box solution.

About custom printed lashes box:
 All sizes, colors, shapes, finishes, etc. are produced to order.
 MOQ: Only 30pcs
Our LOGO is printed
 Sample time: 3-5 days
 Production cycle: approximately 10-15 days, depending on the order details.
Shipping: Shipping, air, express, depending on your needs.

Quick Questions about Custom Eyelash Packaging

Q1. What’s the MOQ of Custom Lash Packaging 

If you do not want print logo.There are no MOQ for the clear case. If you want to print your logo in. MOQ 30 pcs. The production time 3-5 workday days.

Q2. How many Different Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box styles do you have?

We have over 200 different luxury  Eyelash Packaging in stock.

Q3. Can you support custom sample Lash Boxes?

If you can accept without print logo. We can send sample box sample to you check. We do not supply eyelash packaging box sample with logo. Because  the production cost is too expensive. Hope you can understand it. 

Q4. What’s Custom Eyelash Cases prices?

Custom Eyelash Packaging prices depends on which packaging styles and your logo color. Please contact my whatsapp8613156382673 to get your Own Luxury Eyelash Packaging boxes. Make your perfect Lashes Brand dream come True.

Q5 How long does it take to ship to the US?

4-7 days to USA by Fedex Express.

Q6 What about the Shipping Cost?

It bases on the total weights

Q7  How can I place an order from you?

Please contact WhatsApp

Q8 How to Pay the order?

Accept Paypal and Alibaba

Q9 I don’t like your Eyelash Packaging in stock. I have own design eyelash box style and logo. How to do customize it?

We can customize your eyelash packaging boxes with your own logo. MOQ is 100 pcs. The produce time will be 15-20 work day

Helpful Skill>>>Custom Butterfly Eyelash Packaging

Helpful Skill>>>Candy Eyelash Packaging

Helpful Skill>>>Custom Eyelash Packaging Lashwoods Boxes

Helpful Skill>>>Custom Bratz Doll Eyelash Packaging


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How much money can you make selling eyelashes?

Did you make money in Strip Mink Eyelash business? Someone told me, “Ellen, I can’t make any money, what should I do?” Have you ever wondered why your Wholesale Mink Lashes margins are so low?

It is undeniable that Private Label Eyelashes are a product that allows you to start a business quickly. But everyone’s profit is different. I asked my friend, how much do you sell? She said $10. Oh my god! I immediately understood why she said she couldn’t make money. Because not only does she have no profit, neither do we. why? Because of the cost!

High Quality Mink Lashes costs are completely different. As an example, another of our customers sells the same Mink Lashes for us for $25-30, and it is very popular. Why can she sell so high? Because of the value. Good products do not deceive customers, it can bring high value to customers, and it is worth it. Customers like it, so they can make money.

So, when you choose a high-end product, you should know the real value behind it. When setting the price, you have to think about how much beauty this eyelash can bring to customers and how much this beauty is worth.

At a time when a product has value, and the customer believes it is recognized. You don’t deny it. You can order a Sample Lashes and go back and evaluate it for yourself. Make a comparison. You will know How much money can you make selling eyelashes?

Custom Eyelash Boxes

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How To Make Profits From Your Lashes Business ?

If you have your lashes business line you should consider this issues.

what are your costs?

How much did you spend on AD?

And what’s your profit?

This is three points you have to face and should calculate exactly.

The key point is that to make more profits from your  Lashes Line.

Wholesale Mink LashesWholesale Mink Lashes

1st The first cost is Wholesale Mink Lashes andCustom Eyelash Boxes cost.

Some one want to purchase some Cheap Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and Cheap Custom packaging box , so that there’s more profits ,yes that’s true.

But not exactly right. You should also consider the quality, if you lose your customers by low product and poor lashes ,you should change the lashes and custom packaging with high quality lashes and custom packaging box.

The retail price would be much higher than the cheap one ,and you can also make more profits and own more customers.

2nd The shipping cost.

Most distributors import lashes from China with wholesale price, and sometimes the shipping cost is more expensive than the lashes cost and custom cost .

As you know you ,the shipping cost depending the weight and the country. If you order the custom packaging box ,you should order the lashes at the same time.

25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale

And if your Lash vendors are two different Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors you can ask your Custom Packaging Box factory post the box to theMink Lash Vendors and so the lashes can put into the box and you can post them together with the same shipping cost ,because the lashes are very light .

3rd custom duties cost.

If you declare goods at the true price, you will be charged a lot of duties. So you can ask your vendors to write the price less when they declare the goods.

4th Marketing cost.

There is the heat of the whole business ,and if you are our regular customer, you can write down your email ,and we will send you the details step by step.

And we will send you our high quality photo and video with your own logo ,we have our own professional cameraman and digital processor. You will save more in this part . and we will give you the copyright to use this high quality picture and video.

You can share this photo and video by your SNS, and we do believe your customer will love them and make more orders to you with Luxury 3D Mink Lashes And Your Custom Packaging Box .

Wholesale Mink Lashes And PackagingWholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

So ,just join in Vichy Lashes, we will help you build your own lashes brand and help you start your lashes business line .
More issues welcome to contact us :WhatsApp ,we will help you make the right order and decision.