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Easiest way to put on your eyelashes

How to put on your false lashes

Simple steps

  1. Clean your eyelids, to remove excess oil and dust.
  2. Brush your natural lashes, to make them look neat and not get in the way.
  3. Take out your eyelashes from the tray, with a pair of Eyelash Tweezers 
  4. Hold the lash strip up to your eye to measure the length, if it is too long, trim band to fit lash line.
  5. Apply Eyelash Glue on the lash band, and wait for 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky.
  6. Using tweezers, place the false lash as close to your natural lash line, starting with the center, inner and then outer side.
  7. Press the false lashes against your natural lashes, using your hands or a pair of tweezers.
  8. (optional) Apply eyeliner

And you are Done.



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