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3D mink lashes wholesale and wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

25mm siberian mink lashes wholesale 3D mink lashes vendor



As an independent brand, Vichy Lashes has been focusing on eyelash making for many years, and it is the eyelash supplier that knows the most about customers’ needs and their changes in eyelash demands.Both 25mm mink lashes and 3D mink lashes still sell well in today’s market, and on the basis of the excellent sales of 3D mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes, we have produced an upgraded version of them.And after the customer has received the eyelash products,  we will visit the customer, will ask “what about our products or would say” eyelash comfort? “, according to the customer’s answer we can also make more high quality eyelashes, or if the customer said some advice we will listen to, also can let us know where is doing is not good enough, you can continue to improve, let more customers enjoy our thoughtful service and feel our sincere attitude.



What is 3D Mink lashes?


Our  3D mink lashes is a pure handmade mink eyelash, whether before or now, sales have been no less heat, our 3D cruel natural mink eyelash is zero, the quality is very good, persistence is particularly strong, can use 20-30 times, so our 3 d mink eyelash especially popular in the market, and we are ready to 3 d series of mink eyelash products listed before, we will do the test again, how to check the quality eyelash, paste strong sex is not strong, is easy to fall off or if eyelash is very dry, not easy to wear, prevent after the listing will appear a lot of problems,Or customers may feel dissatisfied with our service or eyelashes and lose their trust in us.Because Vichy Lashes is a wholesaler of 3D mink eyelashes with a wide range of comprehensive services, which provides customers with a variety of services to meet their needs, and also makes customers satisfied with our services. The most important thing is to introduce our 3D mink eyelashes to the whole European and American market.



How to choose the best 25mm mink lashes vendor?


Nowadays, there are more and more suppliers of 25mm mink eyelashes, but it is difficult to find one with good quality, good service attitude and reasonable price.But Vichy Lishes can do this for you:

1. We do not only recommend eyelashes for customers, but also learn more about their needs and recommend appropriate eyelashes according to their needs. We do not only recommend expensive eyelashes, but also recommend relatively cheap eyelashes.

2. The supplier is just caught a lot of eyelash customers for psychological price is cheaper, so deliberately lower the price to attract a large number of customers to order eyelash, actually eyelash quality is very poor, also don’t care about the customer’s complaints or Suggestions, but Vichy Lashes to quote the most reasonable price to customers, and after the customer has received the eyelash after purchase we will pay a return visit, to listen to the views of customers, not only for ourselves, more important still is for customer service.

3. In addition, we will also sell some products such as tweezers or small glue, and small products related to mink eyelashes, which can provide customers with a complete and thoughtful service.



For you to continuously launch new packaging boxes

In order to customize a variety of eyelash packaging boxes for you at the same time, we are also constantly developing new style packaging boxes.We not only do eyelashes, but also for the majority of customers to provide beautiful eyelash packaging box, like a one-stop service.To be able to help customers in need from more aspects.We can make the box you like according to your needs. We also have our own LOGO.Of course, if you have your own LOGO, we can also help you print your LOGO on the box, including some fonts, if you need, we can do it for you.When making the effect drawing of the box, we will first send it to you for your opinion. If possible, we will produce the box. If not satisfied, we will modify it until you are satisfied.In a word, our box is according to your requirements, we will do according to your requirements of the box beautiful and delicate!



To provide you with the best website services

If you choose a high quality lashes vendor do not have enough experience, or you want to learn more about our eyelash product, so don’t worry, we also provide service for you, we have our own independent brands, have their own web site background, we are launching our new 3D mink lashes, and all kinds of exquisite packaging, we are in our independent brand’s web site update the latest information and related products eyelash, make more customers to be able to see our latest information in time, to know about our latest product, don’t worry about a complete picture of our products,We are a comprehensive online and offline service, which will definitely satisfy you.


How to start your own mink lash company?

If you want to establish an independent brand eyelash business, order a large number of eyelashes or purchase some eyelash samples first to test the quality of eyelashes, then Vichy Lashes are your best choice.So, why was Vichy Lashes your best choice?

Because we have our own factory and team, also have our own professional designers, can be good for your packaging design more beautiful and more delicate, and we will with the fastest speed, the most considerate service delivery for you, so you absolutely can be at ease to choose us as your vendors eyelash, open a business or to begin your eyelash company, we can also have some products in the process of doing business in your related issues, can help you to solve, make your eyelash business was very successful!




If you are interested in our products,

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