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Eyelash Growth

Depending on how far you need to take growing back your eyelashes

there is the option of eyelash transplants. Eyelashes do serve an important part in helping shield the eyes from dust and grit etc. However, most people these days take care of their eyelashes for beauty purposes.

In the instance that you do not have eyelashes

the salient features that are normally associated with a face disappear. Without eyelashes, the face does lack one of the basic features associated with a normal face. There are other reasons that one might consider an eyelash transplant. These include, Trichotillomania (compulsive hair plucking), automobile or industrial accidents, chemical and thermal burns, eyelid tattoos, and traction alopecia associated with long-term use of false eyelashes.

In addition to the above, medical conditions may have required the eyelashes to be removed for treatment

such as chemotherapy. Congenital atrichia is a condition wherein there is total absence of hair from the body.

As the availability and success of eyelash transplantation becomes better known, more people are considering the surgical approach to gain permanent enhancement of eyelash length and density.

Reconstructive Eyelash Transplantation

In patients whose eyelash loss is due to trauma or disease, factors that the physician hair restoration specialist will consider include biological capacity of injured tissue to be a functional host for transplanted hair and follicles, and an existence of an adequate supply of donor hair of the quality needed for eyelash transplantation.

In patients whose eyelash loss is due to systemic or local disease, factors that must be considered include, course of the disease to date-that is, if the disease is active or in remission, and medications taken to manage the disease.

There is currently growing concern from physicians on people requesting eyelash growth surgery purely for beauty purposes. They believe this surgery should be carried out on people with medical conditions only.

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