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25mm Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes Vendor

25mm siberian mink lashes wholesale


Vichy Lashes is a professional eyelash production supplier, wholesaler of 3D mink lashes and supplier of 25mm mink lashes.In addition, other

The type and length of eyelash, such as 20 mm mink lashes, 22 mm mink lashes and 18 mm mink lashes, we also have our eyelash style is numerous, and

on the basis of so many eyelash, the best-selling eyelash, took out a few selling to upgrade them or the extended edition of eyelash, to meet the needs of

more customers, also with the most affordable price to satisfy our customers.


Constantly for you to launch new packaging boxes

We do eyelash wholesaler or eyelash vendors at the same time, will also provide eyelash with matching packaging box, we not only provide eyelash

packaging box, but also for you to customize the eyelash you want packaging box, and eyelash together, very match, will also be very attractive eyeball.Our

box has been constantly launched new, from acrylic diamond box to acrylic rectangular transparent box, and introduced a number of different colors of the

marble box, is really very beautiful, and sales are particularly good!


How to find a lash vendor?

Now there are too many eyelash suppliers and wholesalers in the market, but there are more customers in demand, but it is not a simple thing to find a

good enough eyelash wholesaler, so to find a good enough mink lash suppliers, or to judge.Actually many customers are asking price, will buy affordable

eyelash, but does not know the quality of the eyelashes and is not enough to understand, just care about the price, ignoring the quality problems, such as

purchase after receiving goods can find eyelash quality doesn’t pass, waiting for you to find suppliers, and they ignore you, that time is late.But Vichy Lsahes

has its own website, constantly updated product information on the Internet, including also clap eyelash video for the customer, in order to obtain customer

trust as the premise, again to discuss the product, the price is very reasonable, every aspect of the system or strategy is very clear, the eyelash is definitely a

reliable mink lash suppliers!



The latest design of all new eyelashes




Our eyelashes are constantly being updated. Both the 16mm mink lashes  and the 25mm mink lashes have been released.If you are interested in our

eyelashes, welcome to know about our eyelashproducts or order our eyelashes!


25mm mink lashes

16mm mink lashes
16mm mink lashes




If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows:

Email: lashesvichy









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