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1. Correct trimming

STRIP LASHES are something that is “too short in your hands and long in your eyes”. Human eyelashes are the longest in the middle, and the sides are slightly shorter. The length is generally 5 mm to 10 mm. Want false eyelashes to look natural when worn, not too exaggerated in length, and the width to suit your eye shape. When using false eyelashes, first use false tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes at the root of the eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than their own eyes, they need to be cut to the same width as their own eye shape. The tail of the false eyelashes should not exceed their own eyelashes. . Therefore, false eyelashes should be vacated by one-fourth of the eyes, otherwise it would be uncomfortable when closing the eyes.


2.Soften false eyelashes

After obtaining the appropriate length, bend the false eyelash stem in a “C” shape and hold it for about 20 seconds. The curved false eyelashes can fit our eyes completely. You must have encountered the end of the false eyelashes rising. That is not because the glue is not good, but because the false eyelashes are too hard.


3.Oil absorption

Oil can make false eyelashes difficult to fix, and if you have oily skin, it may be a bit problematic to wear. Before wearing false eyelashes, use oil-absorbent paper to clean the oil on the eyelids, or apply a layer of transparent loose powder on the upper eyelids. Extra tip: If you want to recycle false eyelashes, don’t use oily makeup remover when removing makeup, so as not to affect the second round of use.


4.Clip your own eyelashes

Before applying false eyelashes, you should curl your lashes with a curler, and then apply mascara, because your own eyelashes do not have false eyelash curling. In order to apply the false eyelashes, the effect is naturally realistic, so you need to apply Before false eyelashes, curl your eyelash curler, and applying mascara can also help to fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

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5.Count to ten

When we are anxious to put on false eyelashes, we should tell ourselves that good things are worth waiting for. Waiting ten seconds for the glue to stick will make the final result very different. If you put on false eyelashes as soon as you apply the glue, the false eyelashes will run around and cannot be fixed in the position you want it to stay at all.


6.Look down

Most of us will have our noses facing the mirror, thinking that the closer you look to the mirror, the clearer it is, right? Actually, this is not right! Putting the mirror under the face is the right choice, this is the best view to see the eyelashes .

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7. Apply Strip Lashes first from the middle point above the eyeball

Use tweezers or a special false eyelash curler to clamp the root of the center of the false eyelashes. First stick the root of the middle of the eyelids in order to leave a proper distance between the head and the end of the eye. Keep a distance of three eyelashes on the eyes to prevent wearing for a long time. Remember to stick to the roots, eyes will open naturally!

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8. Use a little force to support the eyelids with eyelids

Stick the head of the eye and the end of the eye. Use tweezers to clamp the root of the eyelashes to stick to the front section. Pull the root of the eye with a little force and then fix it. The same is true for the end of the eye. You can use the slight tension to make the eyelashes support the eyelids. This is why many people with inner doubles will run out after wearing false eyelashes, which is the support force of the eyelashes and the slight tension of the tweezers when they are stuck. In addition, use a clip to curl the eyelashes.

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9. Cover the gap

The gaps that often appear between real and false eyelashes are a worry for many people. Eyeshadows can solve this problem without tearing off the stickers. You just need to fill the gap with black matte eyeshadow without leaving any traces and allow the glue to dry faster.

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10. Comb the real and fake eyelashes together with an eyelash comb

After sticking, you can use your fingers to follow the arc of the eyelashes and let it curl upwards, and then comb your own eyelashes with the false eyelashes with an eyelash comb. This is more natural.

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