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Who Is The Most Professional Supplier Of 25mm Mink Eyelashes? Why Is That?

Why do you use Vichy Lashes 3D mink eyelashes?


Everyone wants to have a pair of beautiful eyes. There are too many ready-made false eyelashes in various styles on the market, which makes every woman

want to wear eyelashes on her eyes to make them look brighter and more beautiful.Eyelash is popular in the 1950 s and ’60 s, the production of eyelash

materials including fibers, hair, and synthetic fibers, with the continuous development of economy and the change of market demand, the production of

eyelash material also has from the initial fiber into into the mink eyelash today, people wear more eyelash is mink eyelash, and wearing Vichy Lashes  3D

mink lashes more natural, more roll,more warped,and important is a comfort, but just right.In today’s eyelash market, Vichy Lashes 3D mink lashes are

favored by a large number of customer groups!



High-quality 3D mink eyelashes will let us win together!

In the current eyelash market, in addition to  3D mink lashes, there are artificial eyelashes, but they are really good quality? Please see the following


1.Now, the common eyelash on market has too much eyelash is artificial eyelash.These eyelashes are made of plastic and artificial fibers, this kind of

artificial eyelash is made of synthetic material, eyelashes made from synthetic materials tend to be thicker and harder than those made from other materials,

still one-time use, after using, throw away, use not long at all,poor durability.

2.The Vichy Lashes 3D eyelashes are made of mink,compare with artificial eyelash, it is to have certain advantage absolutely.Mink eyelash is more natural,

fleeciness, lightsome, because its weight is light, eyelash quality is high,  it can be used repeatedly after one use, because this gets the welcome of numerous


3.Artificial eyelashes are made from less expensive materials, so they are also less expensive, costing $10 to $20 per pair on the market.Obviously, a cheaper

price will attract more customers, but if you order a lot of eyelashes and they don’t work very well, you’re really losing a lot of money.So, if you spend

money on a pair good mink eyelash, but it’s a win-win situation because you can reuse it and it’s a very comfortable experience.Choose eyelash to do not

see price only , quality also is very important one aspect.


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