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Pay Attention! At Present This Kind Of Eyelash Sample Package Is The Best Seller!

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Now,Vichy lashes brand has launched a lot of eyelash sample packages to everyone. Of course, in the case of multiple eyelash combinations, our last set of eyelash sample combination

is 25mm Siberian mink lashes and 22mm mink lashes, DL13 and DN16,both types of eyelashes are very popular on the market.We will elaborate on the characteristics and significant

advantages of the last set of eyelash, please see below!

1.The first kind of eyelash eyelash is 22 mm (DN) series, such as DN16 model eyelash, DN16 in all 22 mm the eyelash eyelash of sell very well.

And DN16 itself the biggest characteristics is a small shares each eyelash is bifurcate, very uniform, the length of the inside and out is very have administrative levels feeling, from

short to long, very beautiful and natural.


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wholesale 22mm mink lashes DN16

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If you want to know more about the 22mm eyelash style, please click here⇒ 3D 22mm Mink Lashes


2.The second eyelash is our 25mm eyelash, which is our DL13 model eyelash. Compared with the above eyelash, it can be seen that the eyelash of DL13 model is very dense.

The degree of eyelash density per share is not the same, and there is no other eyelash regularity.


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If you want to know more about the 25mm eyelash style, please click here⇒ 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes


Vichy eyelash, of course, the brand is not only the two eyelash style, there are many other style of eyelash.

Whatever the type of eyelash, our eyelash is very popular, because we have done business for more than ten years of eyelash, will naturally have more experience than other eyelash

wholesalers, so, believe us, choose us, is you the most correct choice!


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