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Why are the big suppliers working with us?

Our best-selling 20mm eyelashes are those styles?


We are the most diversified 3D mink lashes vendors, of course, we all sorts of style of eyelash sales are very good, however, in many style of  eyelash, we sell the eyelash of the DM series is quite good, the eyelash of DM series,

is what we call 20 mm mink lashes, a few of our most popular are the DM02, DM03, DM16, 20 mm mink lashes sells very good because the length of it is just right, not long, not short, and use is also very long, just meeting the

needs of many customers, and the price is very reasonable,Is to make customers feel very satisfied with a eyelash.


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cheap eyelash vendors

mink eyelashes bulk

Pay attention! This kind of packing box is the best seller at present!

Recently, we’ve Vichy Lashes added a series of new glitter eyelash packaging box, they are really very beautiful, very bright eye, and also can be in any a box you want to print your own LOGO above, you can start your eyelash

business, set up an independent brand eyelash, if you have your own LOGO, if you also want to have a beautiful eyelash packaging, can be quick to contact us, we can produce for you the most exquisite packaging, make your

eyelash business  grew as soon as possible!

eyelash packaging wholesale


private label manufacturers


eyelash packaging manufacturers

Attention! It only takes one day to customize our eyelash packaging LOGO!

In custom eyelash packing box, especially the printed LOGO, we can definitely tell you, you want to print LOGO on the box can be finished quickly, we can get the highest efficiency, the fastest speed to finish this matter for

you, we have our own printing machine, so no printing factory, printing can be completed, one day is enough can be printed on all the boxes, and even can be printed as soon as you can check the goods delivery, so also

greatly saves your time waiting for the goods!


false eyelash packaging


false eyelash box packaging


private label eyelash packaging

Who is the most professional supplier of 25mm mink eyelashes? Why is that?

Vichy Lashes are independent brands, did more than three years of eyelash, specifically for numerous customers to design various styles and different lengths of eyelash, make more customers with our eyelashes products, we

have trust, have confidence in our products, because the Vichy Lashes is have rich experience of eyelash suppliers, understand the market also know or to know more about customer needs or suggestions, so we are

professional supplier of 25 mm 3D mink eyelashes!


25mm mink lash wholesale



25mm mink eyelashes



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If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows:


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