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How To Start My Own Eyelash Extension Brand?

How to start my own false eyelash brand?


Vichy Lashes is independent of the eyelash market, focus on the production of high quality mink lashes vendor, in numerous come in your eyelash eyelash vendors brand, do not need to rely on other eyelash suppliers, and whether online or offline service is very considerate, so Vichy Lashes with a huge number of customers, our eyelash business will do bigger and bigger, better and better.Whether you set up an eyelash company or do eyelash business, you need to understand the eyelash market.And also from many aspects to consider for customers, to provide the most thoughtful service.



25mm mink strip lashes wholesale

Wholesalers, we are professional of 25 mm mink lashes business, have done more than three years of the eyelash eyelash business to do this on the one hand we has a wealth of experience, we know what kind of eyelash style will be more developed was welcomed by customers, also can know how to put our eyelash extension to the greater around the world, attracting a large number of customers on our products.25mm mink lashes are the best lashes we sell in the eyelash market. Compared with other lashes, 25mm mink lashes are the longest lashes and the most beautiful lashes. Our 25mm mink lashes are also made by hand!



To provide you with other relevant eyelash products

In addition to being an experienced 3D mink lashes vendors, we will also provide you with some other eyelash related products.For example, different sizes of different colors of small glue, there are various colors of small tweezers, of course, there is the kind of eyelash brush, in addition, the tray of eyelash we are free to provide, and we can provide eyelash samples, we will provide the best service for the majority of customers.


If you are interested in our products,

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