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How To Buy Multiple Types Of Eyelashes With Your $100?

Detail eyelash sample package combination 3

Since Vichy lashes launched the eyelash sample package, we have solved many concerns for many customers in the purchase of eyelash samples, and our eyelash sample package has

several different collocation, today, we can introduce to you our third kind of eyelash sample package combination.

First of all, is our 16 mm model DC12 eyelash, have to say that in many of the 16 mm mink eyelash style, I think the DC12 style of eyelash are the most beautiful, not like 25mm

siberian mink lashes exaggerated, and overall look very neat eyelash, give a person the feeling is very clean and tidy, and is the thick eyelashes on both sides of the different  levels,

eyelash is sparse, eyelash is dense, it looks very natural!

16mm 3D mink lashes  DC66

16mm mink lashes wholesale


16mm mink lashes vendor   DC12

16mm  mink strip lashes wholesale


Second eyelash is that we sell many eyelash series of the most popular style, is our 20 mm (DM series) siberian mink lashes, mink eyelash is DM12 style of eyelash, DM12 is biggest

characteristic style of eyelash eyelash crossed a share, and roll become warped degrees is very big, the length of each root eyelashes, the overall thickness can still, so look is very


20mm lashes vendor   DM26

20mm siberian mink lashes wholesale



20mm eyelash strips DM27

mink lash vendor mink lashes wholesale


Our last eyelash is a longer one, mink eyelash series (DN) is 22 mm, this one eyelash we sell is also very popular in the market, such as DN02 the eyelash, is selling a great, there are a

lot of customers are very like the eyelash, DN02 the eyelash for length is longer, the comfort is very good, and it has bought a customer, pays a return visit, the customer said comfort

is very good, and it is very soft, customer experience is also very good, and DN02 each a small part of the eyelash length is not the same, and cross types of eyelash,Therefore, many

customers like this eyelash, which is also our hot style eyelash.

22mm strip lashes    DN02

22mm mink lashes vendor wholesales

22mm mink strip lashes  DN06

22mm mink strip lashes wholesale siberian 22mm lashes vendor

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