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For whom are we the most professional supplier of 20mm mink eyelashes? Why is that?

We are a high quality wholesale of 20mm mink lashes!

Recently we are testing who is the most professional 20mm mink lashes supplier? No doubt , it must be Vichy lashes, because you will find that the best-selling 20mm mink lashes in

the market are all from our Vichy lashes,our Vichy eyelash occupies a place in the market, and Vichy eyelash has a huge customer group, so eyelash is very popular in the market, now

we will show you our 20mm mink lashes, to prove that our 20mm mink lashes are all our best-selling styles!


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Our 20mm eyelashes are the best-selling series of eyelashes sold in the style, and our DM series of eyelashes has been constantly developing new styles to meet the numerous

customers of Vichy eyelash brand, the new style we developed is more and more beautiful, more natural, conform to the needs of customers,therefore Vichy lashes will develop more

new styles.


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Our eyelashes are handmade, so our eyelashes will not set the minimum order quantity like other businesses, and our eyelashes are of high quality, because we strictly require quality,

to be responsible for the majority of customer groups, we must ask for the quality of 100% clearance,so you don’t have to worry too much about quality,we are sure to give you every




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If you want to order lashes that are not particularly long, our 20mm mink lashes (DM series) are the most suitable for you, and the sales volume is very good, I suggest you can order

this lashes,of course, our eyelash style is very much, we also established an independent 22mm eyelash catalog on our website, you can always see our eyelash catalog information and

update the eyelash catalog, there is a need to feel free to contact us!



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If you want to know more about the 20mm eyelash style, please click here⇒3D 20mm mink lashes


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