Eyelash Packaging box Designs

Rectangular boxes design

We have rectangular eyelash boxes, that come in various colors and designs, these include the rectangular glitter box, the rectangular marble box with an inner glitter lining and the rectangle plain box. All these designs can be customized with the customer’s logo and other variations according to the customer’s order.










Luxurious Diamond shape design

This design is popular and best-selling and has a unique classic design that attracts many customers. This diamond-shaped box design comes in variations of the shiny diamond box, marble diamond box and the glitter diamond box.



Square shaped lash box design

This design is simple and classy at the same time. If you like simple small classy designs, this is the best choice for you. This design also has the variations of the glitter square box, the shiny box and the marble design. 


Affordable transparent lash box design

For our customers who find the other lash box designs to be too expensive to purchase or when the other designs are costly and do not match with their budgets, we got you covered! We have the cheap transparent eyelash boxes, which can be found in two shapes, that is, the rectangle boxes and the circle boxes. For these clear boxes, there are variations in colors of the thrust papers that will be at the bottom of the box. So for customers with different color preferences, all your needs are catered for.




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