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Pay Attention! At Present This Kind Of Eyelash Sample Package Is The Best Seller!

25mm mink lashes wholesale 22mm mink lashes vendor

Now,Vichy lashes brand has launched a lot of eyelash sample packages to everyone. Of course, in the case of multiple eyelash combinations, our last set of eyelash sample combination

is 25mm Siberian mink lashes and 22mm mink lashes, DL13 and DN16,both types of eyelashes are very popular on the market.We will elaborate on the characteristics and significant

advantages of the last set of eyelash, please see below!

1.The first kind of eyelash eyelash is 22 mm (DN) series, such as DN16 model eyelash, DN16 in all 22 mm the eyelash eyelash of sell very well.

And DN16 itself the biggest characteristics is a small shares each eyelash is bifurcate, very uniform, the length of the inside and out is very have administrative levels feeling, from

short to long, very beautiful and natural.


wholesale mink lash vendors DN16


mink eyelash vendors wholesale



wholesale 22mm mink lashes DN16

3D mink lashes wholesale vendors


If you want to know more about the 22mm eyelash style, please click here⇒ 3D 22mm Mink Lashes


2.The second eyelash is our 25mm eyelash, which is our DL13 model eyelash. Compared with the above eyelash, it can be seen that the eyelash of DL13 model is very dense.

The degree of eyelash density per share is not the same, and there is no other eyelash regularity.


eyelash wholesale vendors DL13

wholesale mink eyelash vendors



lashes wholesale vendors DL13

wholesale vendors for mink lashes


If you want to know more about the 25mm eyelash style, please click here⇒ 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes


Vichy eyelash, of course, the brand is not only the two eyelash style, there are many other style of eyelash.

Whatever the type of eyelash, our eyelash is very popular, because we have done business for more than ten years of eyelash, will naturally have more experience than other eyelash

wholesalers, so, believe us, choose us, is you the most correct choice!


mink wholesale lash vendors




25mm mink lashes strips



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How To Buy Multiple Types Of Eyelashes With Your $100?

Detail eyelash sample package combination 3

Since Vichy lashes launched the eyelash sample package, we have solved many concerns for many customers in the purchase of eyelash samples, and our eyelash sample package has

several different collocation, today, we can introduce to you our third kind of eyelash sample package combination.

First of all, is our 16 mm model DC12 eyelash, have to say that in many of the 16 mm mink eyelash style, I think the DC12 style of eyelash are the most beautiful, not like 25mm

siberian mink lashes exaggerated, and overall look very neat eyelash, give a person the feeling is very clean and tidy, and is the thick eyelashes on both sides of the different  levels,

eyelash is sparse, eyelash is dense, it looks very natural!

16mm 3D mink lashes  DC66

16mm mink lashes wholesale


16mm mink lashes vendor   DC12

16mm  mink strip lashes wholesale


Second eyelash is that we sell many eyelash series of the most popular style, is our 20 mm (DM series) siberian mink lashes, mink eyelash is DM12 style of eyelash, DM12 is biggest

characteristic style of eyelash eyelash crossed a share, and roll become warped degrees is very big, the length of each root eyelashes, the overall thickness can still, so look is very


20mm lashes vendor   DM26

20mm siberian mink lashes wholesale



20mm eyelash strips DM27

mink lash vendor mink lashes wholesale


Our last eyelash is a longer one, mink eyelash series (DN) is 22 mm, this one eyelash we sell is also very popular in the market, such as DN02 the eyelash, is selling a great, there are a

lot of customers are very like the eyelash, DN02 the eyelash for length is longer, the comfort is very good, and it has bought a customer, pays a return visit, the customer said comfort

is very good, and it is very soft, customer experience is also very good, and DN02 each a small part of the eyelash length is not the same, and cross types of eyelash,Therefore, many

customers like this eyelash, which is also our hot style eyelash.

22mm strip lashes    DN02

22mm mink lashes vendor wholesales

22mm mink strip lashes  DN06

22mm mink strip lashes wholesale siberian 22mm lashes vendor

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This Eyelash Sample Pack Is Your Only Choice When You Just Start Your Eyelash Business!

Detailed description of this lashes sample package plan 2


Here, we would like to talk about the second set of eyelash sample package. Our eyelash styles are very diverse, and each style of eyelash has different characteristics, so the effect of

wearing them is not the same. We can see the effect of wearing the second set of eyelashes below, please see the picture below:



25mm Siberian mink lashes wholesale 


In the first picture, the eyelash we showed is model 25mm mink lashes DL08. This is a rendering of the eyelash I saw when I closed my eyes. You can see that  it is verylong and dense.



25mm Mink strip lashes wholesale

In this picture, we shot the effect of wearing eyelashes from the bottom to the top. We can see that the eyelashes of DL08 are very curly and warped, and the effect of wearing

eyelashes is very bright.


25mm Mink lashes strips





mink lashes in bulk


Finally, this picture is a rendering of eyelashes taken from the front, which clearly shows the biggest feature of the eyelashes of DL08. It is divided into several small eyelashes, each

eyelash is very dense, and there is a distance between each eyelash, which together form the eyelash of DL08.

If you want to know more about 25mm eyelash styles, please click here⇒25mm Siberian Mink Lashes


Next, there is our model 20mm DM03 eyelash. First, in terms of length, it is in sharp contrast with DL08. DM03 belongs to shorter eyelashes.Secondly, on the whole of DM03, the

eyelashes are crossed with each other, and the two sides of the eyelashes are shorter, and each eyelash in the middle is long, so the overall look is very harmonious and soft,this also is

our 20mm eyelash absolute advantage! We can see the effect of wearing DM03 eyelashes, see the figure below:



25mm Lashes wholesale 25mm lashes vendor

This is the profile photo of us wearing DM03. It can be seen that the volume of DM03 is warped and has its characteristics. It is really natural, fluffy and soft.



Siberian mink lashes wholesale


Best wholesale eyelash vendors

This is the front picture of us wearing DM03. Our model wearing DM03 eyelashes is really very beautiful, and the comfort level is also very good. This kind of eyelash will only make

you feel very comfortable and experience great, and will not be as thick and hard as other eyelashes.

If you want to know more about 20mm eyelash styles, please click here⇒3D 20mm mink lashes


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Your Eye And The Eye Of The Client Are Different, You Should Choose Eyelash Sample Packaging!

Detailed explanation of sample package plan 1


At Vichy Lashes has launched a series of eyelash eyelash samples package, we will provide you details of our eyelash combination, and take the effect of

eyelash, next, we will first start from the first set of eyelash eyelash sample pack is tie-in, follow-up for you again on the second or a third group of eyelash

eyelash, now for your first explain the first set of eyelash, please see below:



16mm lashes strip 16mm lashes wholesale




As you can see, the upper pair of lashes are 16mm DC112 lashes, which are very beautiful and curly, and are the shortest of the three different types of

lashes, and this one is selling really well in the DC series.

If you want to know more about the 16mm mink eyelash style, click here ⇒16mm Siberian Mink Lashes

What we can see next is wearing the eyelashes of model 20mm DM02. This eyelash has been selling very well in the market, and this eyelash is also

beautiful. If you do not like too long eyelashes or too short eyelashes (like 25mm mink lashes or 16mm mink lashes), then this DM02 eyelash is your  best




20mm mink strip lashes wholesale




If you want to know more about the 16mm mink eyelash style, click here ⇒ 20mm Siberian mink lashes


The last one is the longest length  eyelash DL09 ——25 mm mink lashes, DL series is our new series of 25 mm mink lashes, no matter on price or

appearance, are much better than the old version DH series eyelashes, so its sales will always grow, and wear the effect of eyelash is clearly visible, its

effect is very good, long and thick, favored by customers.



25mm mink lashes strips 25mm lashes vendor





If you want to know more about the 16mm mink eyelash style, click here ⇒ 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes

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For whom are we the most professional supplier of 20mm mink eyelashes? Why is that?

We are a high quality wholesale of 20mm mink lashes!

Recently we are testing who is the most professional 20mm mink lashes supplier? No doubt , it must be Vichy lashes, because you will find that the best-selling 20mm mink lashes in

the market are all from our Vichy lashes,our Vichy eyelash occupies a place in the market, and Vichy eyelash has a huge customer group, so eyelash is very popular in the market, now

we will show you our 20mm mink lashes, to prove that our 20mm mink lashes are all our best-selling styles!


eyelash vendors wholesale

Our 20mm eyelashes are the best-selling series of eyelashes sold in the style, and our DM series of eyelashes has been constantly developing new styles to meet the numerous

customers of Vichy eyelash brand, the new style we developed is more and more beautiful, more natural, conform to the needs of customers,therefore Vichy lashes will develop more

new styles.


wholesale lashes suppliers

Our eyelashes are handmade, so our eyelashes will not set the minimum order quantity like other businesses, and our eyelashes are of high quality, because we strictly require quality,

to be responsible for the majority of customer groups, we must ask for the quality of 100% clearance,so you don’t have to worry too much about quality,we are sure to give you every




vendors for lashes

If you want to order lashes that are not particularly long, our 20mm mink lashes (DM series) are the most suitable for you, and the sales volume is very good, I suggest you can order

this lashes,of course, our eyelash style is very much, we also established an independent 22mm eyelash catalog on our website, you can always see our eyelash catalog information and

update the eyelash catalog, there is a need to feel free to contact us!



3D mink lashes vendor


wholesale mink eyelash vendors



mink eyelashes suppliers wholesale


If you want to know more about the 20mm eyelash style, please click here⇒3D 20mm mink lashes


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Our best-selling 25mm eyelashes are those styles!

25mm siberian mink lashes 25mm mink lashes wholesale



Anyone would say I had to start with the most popular mink eyelashes business.Yes, that’s a good idea, but have you ever thought that even the best-selling eyelash styles are bound to sell?


wholesale eyelashes mink

Those eyelashes on the commercial success, because they have enough understanding and research on the eyelashes, in addition, the after-sales service is specially in place to solve problems from the customer’s

perspective,so their eyelash brand enterprises will get bigger and bigger.


wholesale mink eyelashes vendors

And in all aspects do very thoughtful, but if you sell not high-quality eyelashes, this is greatly reduced the benefits of your eyelash business.Therefore, I suggest you choose a new eyelash style, if you can remove the previous

eyelashes, you can launch your new eyelashes.


wholesale silk lash vendors

Vichy lashes since the launch of the new 25mm mink lashes ( DL series eyelashes), in the market sell very well,attracted a lot of new and old customers to order new 25mm eyelashes, and praise continues, proving that the new

25mm eyelashes are really very popular,We will continue to develop more and more fresh eyelash styles, so that the majority of customers can have a good eyelash experience!



wholesale mink eyelash extension

Especially DL04, is a very good one , whether it is our old customers or new customers, are ordering the new 25mm series eyelashes, overall sales are very good, by many new and old customers love. We will recommend our

hot eyelashes to more and more customers, so that each customer can feel the charm of the new 25mm eyelashes.




false eyelash extensions manufacturers

Of course, if you are interested in our new 25mm eyelash series, you can contact us, we can recommend the popular 25mm mink lashes style for you, will not let you down,it just makes you like it better.


full strip mink eyelashes manufacturers

If you want to know more about the 25mm eyelash style, please click⇒25mm Siberian Mink Lashes



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The Customer Has Placed The Order For The Second Time In Just One Weeks!

The importance of customer feedback

Many customers are looking for high quality eyelashes wholesalers, in addition to price, customer feedback and a more concerned about the problem, they

will tell you Vichy brands eyelash is really good-looking, also can order from you again a lot of eyelash or packaging, thus increasing the credibility of both

sides, in the customer feedback is also pay attention to this aspect, so we clinch a deal the order form will be in the form of pictures to show our customer

feedback, Vichy lashes proved to be a comprehensive service of high quality 3D mink lashes wholesalers!




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How to properly order sample packs?

How to properly order sample packs?

In fact, many of the clients Vichy lashes have brought with them have initially ordered three or four lashes samples or fewer,although at first I wouldn’t

pay a lot of money to order eyelashes in bulk,however, if you order only three or four lashes samples or fewer, you may not know it , you will spend more

money. I have here the program of ordering eyelash sample with both affordable price and small quantity, please see the following program:


Multiple styles of eyelash combination:16mm*22mm*25mm mink eyelashes





25mm sample pack orders, 10 pairs popular styles, $84 including shipping costs to USA



For more 25mm eyelashes, click here ⇒ 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes

22mm sample pack orders, 10 pairs popular styles, $90 including shipping costs to USA


For more 22mm eyelashes, click here ⇒ 3D 22mm Mink Lashes

16mm sample pack orders, 13 pairs popular styles, $90 including shipping costs to USA


For more 22mm eyelashes, click here ⇒ 16mm Siberian Mink Lashes

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How can a customer pay without a paypal account?

How can a customer pay without a paypal account?

Our customers sometimes encounter the problem of how to pay without a Paypal account when they make payment. However, you don’t need to worry.

Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still pay and own our eyelash products.To do so, you can follow these steps:


1.After you send us your email address, we will send the Invoice to your email address. Then you can check your email,

click on the Invoice we sent to you, and click “View and Pay Invoice”.


2.After clicking on it, an interface will appear and click “Pay Now”.



3.After clicking, make sure to click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”. If the click shows Chinese, there is a setting of

switching languages in the lower left corner of the page, click to change it to English and it is OK.




4.Finally, the interface is your credit card information. You fill in your credit card information (including address, contact

information, etc.), and click “Pay Now” to complete the payment.





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Who Is The Most Professional Supplier Of 25mm Mink Eyelashes? Why Is That?

Why do you use Vichy Lashes 3D mink eyelashes ?


Everyone wants to have a pair of beautiful eyes. There are too many ready-made false eyelashes in various styles on the market, which makes every woman want to wear eyelashes on her eyes to make them look brighter and

more beautiful.


China natural mink eyelashes manufacturers

Eyelash is popular in the 1950 s and ’60 s, the production of eyelash materials including fibers, hair, and synthetic fibers, with the continuous development of economy and the change of market demand, the production

of eyelash material also has from the initial fiber into into the mink eyelash today.



cruelty free mink eyelashes factory

People wear more eyelash is mink eyelash, and wearing Vichy Lashes  3D mink lashes more natural, more roll,more warped,and important is a comfort, but just right.In today’s eyelash market, Vichy Lashes 3D mink lashes are

favored by a large number of customer groups!



individual mink eyelashes wholesale

High-quality 3D mink lashes will let us win together!

In the current eyelash market, in addition to  3D mink lashes, there are artificial eyelashes, but they are really good quality? Please see the following analysis:

1.Now, the common eyelash on market has too much eyelash is artificial eyelash.These eyelashes are made of plastic and artificial fibers, this kind of artificial eyelash is made of synthetic material, eyelashes made from synthetic

materials tend to be thicker and harder than those made from other materials, still one-time use, after using, throw away, use not long at all,poor durability.


lash vendors in the us

2.The Vichy Lashes 3D eyelashes are made of mink,compare with artificial eyelash, it is to have certain advantage absolutely.Mink eyelash is more natural, fleeciness, lightsome, because its weight is light, eyelash quality

is high,  it can be used repeatedly after one use, because this gets the welcome of numerous client.



 premium mink lashes wholesale

3.Artificial eyelashes are made from less expensive materials, so they are also less expensive, costing $10 to $20 per pair on the market.Obviously, a cheaper price will attract more customers, but if you order a lot of eyelashes

and they don’t work very well, you’re really losing a lot of money.So, if you spend money on a pair good mink eyelash, but it’s a win-win situation because you can reuse it and it’s a very comfortable experience.Choose eyelash

to do not see price only , quality also is very important one aspect.


mink lash strips wholesale

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