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3D68 (2)

11 thoughts on “3D68 (2)

  1. seemed high quality, satisfied with purchase

  2. Beautiful lashes. Very full and fluffy. Highly recommend! These are my favorite lashes.

  3. Best lashes I ever owned! hands down.

  4. This is my third time purchasing their eyelashes and I love every pair! They do require slight bending to make application easier, but they are glamourous.

  5. OMG! I love these mink lashes they look amazing on me

  6. My primary strips cost 30.00 and I can use them twice and these are the 2nd runner up. ZERO complaints and I’m a lash connoisseur.

  7. Best lashes hands down , I can’t feel them at all which is amazing cause the cutest lashes are usually the most uncomfortable ! They are
    Super full and beautiful for a casual or glam look !

  8. These are fun – I tried them on and they look so realistic. I am very happy with them and highly recommend this product if you are looking for higher quality fake lashes for fun and evening ware.

  9. Love the lashes, but I was looking for a natural look. These are great for special occasions! I had to trim the band on each corner they almost poked my eye out every time I closed my eyes. But overall very satisfied with the purchase 🙂

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